Simplify App Development with
SAP BTP & Neptune DXP

Want to simplify your SAP app development and make it faster? Combining SAP BTP & Neptune DXP unleashes the potential of
no-code/low-code/pro-code, making it easier to develop apps your end-users love fast!


SAP BTP for rapid application development

SAP BTP is the foundation all of SAP’s cloud services and products, as well as their recommended platform for custom app development. It enables businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications that leverage SAP technologies and data, as well as integrate with other systems. It offers capabilities such as database services, analytics, machine learning, security, and integration services. But while it offers numerous benefits to your business operations, it isn’t always the easiest to operate, nor the easiest to calculate its costs for your operations.

So how does Neptune DXP fit into the mix?

You can simplify SAP BTP by combining it with low-code and Neptune DXP!

Are you wrestling with how to get the most out of SAP BTP when it comes to app development? Wondering how much app development will cost you? Don’t just rely on the unknown. Combine SAP BTP with Neptune DXP for easier app development and new business opportunities. Watch our in-depth webinar and see how to easily build and deploy apps with low-code in SAP BTP.

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Keep the Core Clean in your App Development

Everyone talks about ‘Keeping the Core Clean,’ but what does that mean? In order to innovate at speed, you need to make sure that your legacy ABAP systems are simplified – SAP BTP can do a lot of things, but being cloud-based, Neptune DXP can help with on-premise pain points.

Neptune DXP can be used in combination to enhance interoperability, mobility and usability. Neptune DXP helps simplify it by using actual low-code and no-code, we can help make SAP BTP work for you in your rapid app development.

How Neptune DXP elevates SAP BTP

Neptune DXP

Low-Code App Designer provides true Fiori Templates

Any System – One UI, One UX, One DX

Easy creation of Mobile Clients for all platforms

Launchpad & Mobile Client: Embed Multiple SSO



SAP Build Apps: Not Fiori and Cannot Change Code

SAP Business Applications Studio: Full-Code Approach Only

Mendix: Not SAP

Native development for Mobile Clients, high complexity & high cost

Build Work Zone & Standard: Requires Extra Services

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How Neptune DXP can make App Development simpler


Excellent offline capabilities, with PWA and mobility


Excellent corporate branding options


Faster development time


Better runtime performance


Easy to use prototyping tool with export possibilities to
Neptune DXP


Predictable pricing, you can calculate all costs upfront

Neptune Software has helped to transform
hundreds of businesses - discover their stories

Construction visionary Secil builds a B2B supplier portal for innovation using Low-Code

Learn more about Secil’s digital transformation journey which consisted of building 17 apps taking the complexity out of processes ranging from HR to B2B and everything in between saving them time, and money all while increasing efficiency across all departments.

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Digital Transformation Journey

Dussmann Group digitizes manual HR processes for 19,000 employees

Dussmann Group partnered with Neptune Software to digitize their manual HR processes for 19,000 employees releasing 23 apps in six months achieving 60% voluntary adoption from employees.

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Homebase speeds up SAP application modernization using low-code

Homebase rapidly developed a mission-critical click-and-collect app to keep stores operational during the pandemic and paves the way for digital transformation.

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SAP application modernization

Infraserv Höchst goes mobile with over 70 apps

Infraserv Höchst developed more than 70 low-code applications across 27 form factors using Neptune DXP mobilizing everything from service and work order management down to finance and HR.

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Combining SAP BTP & Neptune DXP will truly provide you
with added value for your enterprise app development!


Side-by-Side Extension & Innovation

Side-by-Side Extension & Innovation

Future-proof your app development. Ensure continuous proof-points via innovative in-house projects to ensure trust/happiness during a long-spanning, resource-intensive S/4 conversion


Renovation of Custom Code

Renovation of Custom Code

Port and renovate existing custom code to S/4HANA and accelerate the process with Neptune DXP tooling (UX, APIs and mobile)


Supports Your IT Strategy

Supports Your IT Strategy

We build on your existing landscape. You can move to the cloud at your pace (in line with your IT strategy)


Address Functional Gaps

Address Functional Gaps

Neptune DXP was built for SAP-centric, hybrid landscapes and helps to mitigate functional gaps by facilitating custom code and integrating best-of-breed (non-SAP) solutions via an API-first approach

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