Secil's Digital Transformation Journey with Neptune DXP

Digital Transformation Journey

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Secil has been around for over 100 years and provides suppliers with wholesale building materials, mainly cement. They employ 2,649 employees across 4 continents and have an annual cement production capacity of 9,750,000 tons. In Portugal alone, they have 3 cement factories, 30 cement selling points, 45 concrete plants, 15 quarries and 5 mortar factories. In 2019 they were facing a problem with their customer portal having a poor user interface having being stuck in 2009 when it was created.

That is when Neptune DXP was suggested by our partner FutureView. Having recently hired a new CIO, he agreed to see a proof of concept. Since they faced a very tight timeline of 2 months Secil decided the best place to start was with their HR processes. Top that with the start of COVID-19, Secil needed to digitize fast. Fast forward two years and they have now successfully deployed 17 apps across HR, procurement, Quarries, Commercial Excellence, Logistics, and Accounting, and have completely rebuilt their B2B Customer Portal.

The ROI they have seen speaks for itself when looking back to see if they made a good decision.

  • HR prints on average 7,500 fewer documents yearly
  • Their Explosion Tracking app has freed up over 1,500 hours of labor per year
  • Purchase Order Approvals went from taking 2 weeks down to 2 days
  • Vendor Approvals went from taking 3 weeks down to 3 days
  • …and they are just getting started!

In this session, Carlos and Filipe will guide you through Secil’s digital transformation journey. From basic workflow implementations in HR and procurement to operational digital transformation in some business unit processes and ultimately going to B2B portals to improve customer and vendor relationships. All supported in Neptune frameworks!


Wholesale Building Materials


Key takeaways

-17 applications created across HR, Procurement, Quarries, Commercial Excellence, Logistics, and Accounting
-Explosive Tracking app freed up 1,500 hours of labor per year
-Now have 7,500 less printed documents per year from vacation requests and approvals alone
-PO Approval Process went from 2 weeks down to 2 days
-Vendor Approval Process went from 3 weeks down to 3 days


Carlos Lopes, SAP Logistics Consultant at Secil
Filipe Barreira, Partner and Owner at FutureView

About Secil

Secil is one of the main cement producers in Portugal, founded in 1930. Although the central core of its activity is the production of cement, Secil is part of a group of about 40 companies that operate in complementary areas such as the production of concrete, hydraulic lime, mortars, coverings and also quarrying. Secil ensures its production for the Portuguese market through its Secil-Outão, Maceira-Liz and Cibra-Pataias plants. At the international level, Secil is present in Tunisia, Angola, Lebanon, Brazil, the Port of Terneuzen, Spain

Semapa has held the entire share capital of Secil since May 2012. Semapa is a holding company listed on Euro Next Lisbon, with the Queiroz Pereira family as the majority shareholder, with strong traditions in Portuguese industrial and financial activities.

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