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Naia – Neptune AI assistant to
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Naia unlocks seamless, no-code and low-code app development, available exclusively within Neptune DXP. Naia is leading the charge in enterprise app development, bringing unprecedented ease to SAP & other app development, and making life easier for developers.

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How we augment and simplify your app development

Neptune AI Assistant, Naia, automates the most common development patterns and tasks, enabling developer teams to focus on value-driven activities.

Automations for no-code & low-code include capabilities such as code optimization, UI and chart generation, and importing templates, application building blocks, and layouts.

AI assistance makes developers’ lives easier by augmenting their capabilities and is tailored to their needs, reducing the time to ramp up development skills with embedded documentation, training, and videos.

AI Assistant
AI Assistant

Instant productivity boosters thanks to AI

With Naia by your side, you’re not just developing apps easier, you’re crafting solutions with unmatched efficiency. Naia’s integration with Neptune DXP brings about a multitude of instant benefits and productivity enhancements, reshaping how developers use, learn, and interact with the platform:

Instant Help: Get instant access to documentation, e-learning resources, and support tickets. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time developing.

Get new automations on the fly: Naia is a cloud-based service, benefitting from continuous improvements, new automations and UX enhancements without a need to update.

No Language Barrier: Whether you type or talk, Naia understands and responds in multiple languages, bridging communication gaps effortlessly.

Save time: Common tasks for developers are now streamlined into a single automation, designed to cut manual work.

Get it right on the first try: Bid farewell to debugging marathons. Naia ensures your first output shines.

Efficient Skill Development: With better guidance, become a proficient developer in record time. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can achieve results.

Naia's toolbox: AI-powered app development functionalities

Ready to experience Naia’s app development benefits? Explore a diverse set of AI-powered app development functionalities:


Get real-time suggestions and guidance within the app development process, reducing the skill set required to build sophisticated applications, and making complex tasks a breeze.

Continuous Learning & Onboarding

Enjoy comprehensive resources and documentation to help you master Neptune DXP effortlessly and continuously.

Automated UI Generation

Simplify and accelerate user interface creation, streamlining the enterprise app development process.

Application Building Blocks

Tap into a library of pre-built templates, layouts, and application components making it easier than ever to assemble complex applications.

Naia: Neptune AI Assistant

A Game-Changer for Developers

SAP Fiori Import and Export

Seamlessly transform Fiori app views and design elements [custom or standard] into a low-code environment – enhancing mobility, standardization, governance, and reusability.

AI Charts

Automate and elevate data generation with the power of AI-driven data visualization and analysis.

Data Connect

Effortlessly connect UI to data points, expanding application versatility.

Data Mockup

Quickly generate realistic data sets for testing and development.

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Naia™ AI Assistant for Developers

Naia Simplifies Enterprise App Dev:
A Game-Changer for Developers

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Your questions about Naia answered!

Who is Naia?

Naia combines HI and AI (Human Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence) – our genius-level algorithms and advanced AI-powered modeling combined – as a developer productivity tool.

Naia is set to transform how you interact with our platform, bringing instant benefits and productivity enhancements to our valued customers and partners.

How does Naia work?

Naia combines Neptune’s data sources like documentation, knowledge base, the Neptune Marketplace, code snippets and more with a large language model. We predefined certain automations like a development co-pilot, the import and export of SAP Fiori Apps into the App Builder, generating graphs to visualize data, creation of mock-up data, and more.

Is Naia integrated into all modules of Neptune DXP?

Yes, Naia is integrated into Neptune DXP – SAP Edition, Neptune DXP – Open Edition, and App Builder.

Which data sources does Naia use?

Naia uses Neptune’s data sources like code snippets, Neptune Marketplace, Neptune DXP Documentation, Neptune Community content and Neptune’s support knowledge base. Furthermore, it uses the data included in the public large language model.

Which Large Language Model (LLM) does it use?

Currently we are using the Microsoft Azure OpenAI API. But this can be subject to change in future.