Supply Chain

One Digital Supply Chain With Almost Zero Effort.

Low-Code App Development to Digitize Your Supply Chain.

Learn how Neptune Software can help companies mobilize their processes and start their digital transformation journey with our low-code, SAP-centric app development platform empowering IT teams to digitize business processes up to 10x faster, for SAP and beyond.

SAP Supply Chain Apps That Easily Boost Your Efficiency.

Reduce management time, save money by going paperless, and gain real-time visibility over all processes when you digitize your supply chain with Neptune.

Whitepaper: Think Low-Code for Success

IT leaders and ClOs are often challengedby evaluating the most effective and cost-efficient wayfor leveraging low-code technologies within theirexisting IT landscape. Discover how low-codesimplifies app development for your digitalizationjourney.


SAP Simplified for IT Leaders –Harnessing Low-Code for Strategic Success!

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What's in It for You?

•  Reduce your dependency on external developers.
•  Your [Fiori] apps need to only be developed once and are ready for any mobile device, regardless of operating system.
•  Easy drag-and-drop features make it possible for anyone in IT, regardless of industry, to build apps easily and efficiently.
•  Design a first SAP app mockup in minutes and then roll the Fiori app out in days.
•  Streamline operations without heavily over-relying on IT, yet IT stays in control.
•  Easily integrate with your existing IT structures which is much faster and cheaper than building an app from scratch.
•  Save your organization time, money, and hassle with custom apps that accelerate efficiency and drive growth.

Create a Sustainable and Maintainable Digital Future Built on Efficiency and Performance

Upgrade Your Standard Fiori Launchpad

Build a single vendor portal [Launchpad/Cockpit/Workzone] to deal with all your suppliers so administrators can order, replenish stock, and pay with just a few clicks.

Maintenance Offline Is Key

IT teams that build [offline] SAP and NON-SAP apps can empower employees to access mobile apps on any end device instantly and request assistance onsite, no matter where, no matter the connection.

Digital Employee Self Service

Create one unique access point for all users. Employees can use various apps on tablets for everyday requests that can also connect to other systems—automating the admin.

Service Requests - Easily Go Paperless

Minimize errors with one user interface. With a single-screen app, floor managers can take photos, create tasks and workflows, and add alerts for the next shift manager in seconds.

Find The Right Information Fast With Visual Dashboards

See key data and insights anywhere, anytime, in any meeting – thanks to low-code and its easy support in creating these dashboards and apps.

Efficiency Helps Check for Quality Control Faster

Employees can check for quality and flag potential issues faster, allowing for quicker reaction times, focus on other tasks and increased overall productivity.

Get in touch with us and see how we make it easy for you to digitize your your supply chain processes!

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