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Discover the topic of Mobile Client and Progressive Web Applications – what it is, why it’s needed and how it benefits your app development. Build an app for mobile with PhoneGap or Cordova CLI, or if you have specific customization requisites, you can build your own hybrid mobile client apps by using a Mobile Client – and we show you how.

Low Code ist in aller Munde: Mit einer Art “Baukastensystem” kann viel Zeit gegenüber handgeschriebener Software gewonnen werden. Christoph Garms erklärt in der neuen Ausgabe der “Digitalen Viertelstunde” welche Vorteile sie dabei haben und ob es verlässlich funktioniert, so dass Unternehmen dies ernsthaft einsetzen können.

Watch this Customer Success Session and discover the potential of Low Code to transform Project Deliver. Hear from Mercury Engineering on how they were able to grow their bottom line with a low code approach to app development.

An exploration of the characteristics of high performing DevOps organizations and how having a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform can really deliver value in a DevOps context. Read this paper to understand the true goal of DevOps, “The ability for organizations to industrialize innovation to drive value”.

DevOps have become more and more prominent in software development in recent years. The efficient combination of development and IT operations not only increases the quality of software but also the speed with which new solutions are developed and delivered. Read more about the journey of DevOps and its DevOps Culture.

With the far-reaching digitization of business processes, more developers with a good understanding of both business and IT are needed nowadays. Read the article to discover what these ABAP talents bring to the table and what is their influence on digitization.

Working with customers in governments, military and other organizations, we have seen that they all share a common need to rapidly develop and deploy solutions and processes that set the foundation for a strong digital future. Discover Neptune Software’s customer examples.

Digitization is an imperative for every government agency and public sector organization and has a critically important role to play for millions of people. Read how other public sector organizations are already succeeding in their digitization journey.

Watch this video series on-demand where we showcase how a customer efficiently used SAP Fiori 3 + Neptune Software’s RAD Platform together to deliver a fully branded application suite towards their internal and external users alike.

‘Digital transformation’ is a loosely-defined term and referred to in many different contexts. Then, how to start a meaningful conversation about digital transformation avoiding all the fuss around it? Pause chasing digital transformation daydreams and instead, start building the foundation by digitalizing your company.

This presentation explores the current market trends of global consumer companies regarding the benefits of using low code to drive agile innovation. See how companies are acting towards innovation and what IDC’s predictions are for a low code future.

A practical guide for IT leaders to address digitization challenges and create a modern, digital government. This guide outlines two strategies that combined can help unify processes, streamline IT projects and drive the kind of efficiencies that deliver real business impact.

This is no time for waterfall projects – IT must go agile to drive rapid innovation. Organizations today are looking to their IT function to deliver rapid solutions and now more than ever, continuous innovation is essential.

Watch our fire chat on how to ease and simplify your SAP S/4HANA conversion. Showcasing how your IT department can utilize rapid application development (RAD) to ensure continuous innovation over the course of this year-long project and how Neptune Software can be your sidekick in this.

Watch Bob’s Story. A short film about an HR Director is changing the way they do business and transforming their IT into a rapid innovation powerhouse with the help of a Rapid Application Development too.

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