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Watch how these three SAP Mentor Alumni (Dennis Howlett, Jelena Perfiljeva and Matthias Steiner) talk about how SAP’s leadership can make significant strides with the developer community. Starting with developer licenses.

By integrating Anyline via the Neptune DX Platform, app creators can bring the power of OCR technology to boost their SAP Apps. Join this webinar on October 14th where our long-standing partner Fink IT-Solutions will demonstrate how having an integrated data exchange with SAP can bring a huge power to your digitization project. Register to save your spot!

Whether they support 10 users or 100,000, our customers say how the Neptune DX Platform helps them

We stand by our mission: empower IT departments to drive business results! In this webinar, we want to empower ABAP developers and show you how to elevate your developer skills with rapid application development. Sign up for SEP 29!

Descubre cómo Ducit S.A. logró movilizar la industria de transporte de valores con aplicaciones offline. Únete el próximo 30 de Septiembre y escucha a Fernando Roma presentar la historia de éxito de cómo Ducit S.A. se embarcó en un completo proceso de transformación digital y logró revolucionar la industria de transporte de valores.

¿Sabías que en tan sólo 2 días puedes crear aplicaciones empresariales móviles o de desktop combinando low code y ABAP? Únete el próximo 7 de Octubre y descubre el potencial de la Plataforma Neptune DXP para clientes SAP, junto con centenares de casos de uso para toda la cadena logística y para hacer una fácil transición a S/4HANA.

Únete el próximo 22 de Octubre a las 3:00pm CEST y descubre de la mano del Ejecutivo de Tecnología de una empresa global de medios de comunicación las mejores prácticas en SAP Fiori y cómo la plataforma Neptune DXP permite el desarrollo más rápido y efectivo de Aplicaciones SAP Fiori.

U.S. Sugar needed to develop new mobility software to stay faithful to the tradition of being an innovator. To solve challenges brought on by paper-based, slow and error-prone processes U.S. Sugar worked with Neptune Software to utilize mobility software to improve processes in their parts warehouse.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a lean app for your alarm system in the factory or an extensive offline client for feedback from the technicians in the field. Neptune Software’s app development platform, Neptune DX Platform (DXP for short), provides the right foundation to mobilize your SAP processes quickly and cost-effectively.

There is a clear trend towards a cloud POS system combined with an API-based approach, making the best use of business logic and data. Read why retailers need to take the step to a Cloud POS System and how this combined with a RAD platform is the best way to offer a modern customer journey.

Te esperamos el próximo martes 22 de septiembre para presentarte el caso de éxito de Azucarera Ebro utilizando Low-code y la Plataforma de Experiencia Digital Neptune (Neptune DX Platform), que permite desarrollar aplicaciones escalables, más rápido, con menos riesgo y una excelente Experiencia de Usuario. ¡Inscríbete ya gratis!

Join our technical team on AUGUST 25th for the latest Webinar on all new features and functions of our SAP edition. Discover what makes Neptune DXP the most-native app development platform for SAP (Planet 8 v6.0)

Rust-Oleum needed to upgrade to a mobile warehouse. The goal was to find a new solution that would result in paperless operations designed with Automatic Task Assignment and was system driven rather than people dependent. With the help of Mygo Consulting, Rust-Oleum was able to solve all of their challenges watch how.

Watch how Discovery outlines their own approach to complex reporting, using ABAP objects and Neptune Software to deliver the features of ALV and Fiori Elements without the Elements.

The back-office IT is often perceived as merely “keeping the lights on,” while other teams are seen as nurturing “the innovative cloud stuff.” How can these two camps align and agree on a common denominator of digital products to drive a successful digitalization strategy for the company?

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