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App Builder No Code

Get to know how we provide an app builder no code. The workforce of today, especially the younger generation, wants to work for companies that can provide them with the digital tools and solutions they need. Companies that want to retain their workforce, reduce costs, and make more money must embrace easy-to-use, maintain, and cost-effective digital solutions.

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The demand for digital solutions has increased fivefold, and businesses need to adapt to this new reality. Apps have become the new norm, and businesses must focus on building a digital strategy supporting their applications.  

Neptune Software’s mission is to make enterprise software simpler – meet our app builder no code. We are focusing on providing a total experience for SAP work environments by providing an app builder no code and also a low code app designer that can be used to create simple or complex apps. The goal is to make app building like a video game with beginner and advanced levels. 

The app builder no code has a wizard to select screen types and pre-built application building blocks that can be added with drag and drop. The components can be easily adjusted and connected to data sets.  

There is built-in gamification, embedded high charts, and media library support. The app builder focuses on reusability, and everything built is responsive.  

The tool also allows for generating screens directly from data and turning sketches into screens using AI and machine learning.  

The collaboration features include sharing a live preview of the app, direct feedback with annotations, and embedded heat maps to track user interactions. 

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