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Connecting SAP to Salesforce

Imagine if your SAP-centric core systems could manage every basic business process AND work with non-SAP systems like Salesforce. We show you how it’s done with our own app development platform.

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How to empower ABAP developers

We stand by our mission: empower IT departments to drive business results! This time, we want to empower ABAP developers and show you how to elevate your developer skills with rapid application development.

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Mobile Client: what it is and why it’s needed

Discover the topic of Mobile Client and Progressive Web Applications – what it is, why it’s needed, and how it benefits your app development. You can build your own hybrid mobile client apps by using a Mobile Client – and we show you how.

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PWA für mobile Szenarien

Was ist eine Progressive Web App (PWA) und welche Vorteile bringt sie Unternehmen im Rahmen von Digitalisierung? Wie schnell ist sie erstellt und welche Anwendungsmöglichkeiten gibt es? Dies, und vieles mehr über PWAs.

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