Pricing levels to support any business strategy

About our pricing and support levels

Neptune Software has several pricing levels to support your complex requirements and give you the control you need. Test for free, implement a basic project or power your business with enterprise level support.

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All paid licenses include:

  • Online ticketing support
  • Unlimited access to online training and tutorials
  • Exclusive webinars
  • Access to all pre-built app and API templates in the Neptune Store
  • Subscription Based and Perpetual License Agreements are available

Frequently asked questions

Is the free edition really free?

Yes, there are no hidden fees, no commitment, and no credit card required. The free trial includes everything you need to design, build, manage and test any app or functionality you deem necessary when exploring our platform. It includes the entire Neptune DX Platform and two trial licenses, which gives you control of the entire application lifecycle process.  Just sign up, download and get started building as many applications as you want.

When should I upgrade from the free edition to a paid edition?

If you want to start a project and activate your applications and make them available to internal users, you will need to upgrade with a run-time license. However, upgrading your status is easy. You can keep all the features and functionality that you have been working on, any apps that have been configured or built are ready to go, and your business logic can be incorporated into your new Neptune Software instance. Contact our solutions experts and they can upgrade your plan and go live in an instant.

What kind of Support does Neptune Software offer?

Neptune Software gives you access to all levels of support. This includes a rich library of documentation on our Community site, round-the-clock technical support, and tailored development support based on unique business needs.