Zalaris: Mobile SAP Expense Report Solution

Your countless hours with travel and expense reports maybe a nightmare in your everyday life – is this not a waste of your precious time. Now you can go mobile with an easy an intuitive travel and expense reporting app by Zalaris powered by Neptune Software. See this video to understand the features and benefits of having a mobile SAP expense report solution for your employees.

Zalaris’ travel and expense service is a simple and convenient solution that provides great visibility of costs in your organization. It is adapted to local languages and regulations in each country and handles taxes and refunds automatically.

The solution is fully integrated with your corporate credit card data for easy and time-efficient registration. All transactions are registered and saved in the self-service portal, ready for you to create your expense report. With Zalaris’ new mobile app, you can exploit the potential of paperless travelling.

Zalaris Mobile Travel & Expense solution from Zalaris on Vimeo.

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