Jollyroom increases inbound efficiency by 195% with easy SAP Warehouse Management

After moving into a new warehouse in 2014, the leading Scandinavian ecommerce company Jollyroom realized early on that the standard SAP transactions and user experience was not enough and could not support the growing demands in their SAP Warehouse Management and Distribution process. They were also looking for a UX and UI focused solution that new and seasonal end users could adopt quick and easy, and didn’t have the time to educate new staff the same way they had before. It was too time consuming and the demand for effectiveness was essential to their business.

Working with implementation Partner Acando, Jollyroom chose Neptune Software in 2015 to meet their first objective of creating an application for Picking that could be used on a mobile device. Since the first project, Jollyroom has implemented a fully digital solution for their orders and cash flow, with automated picking jobs assigned to users through digital devices without the use of paper at any stage, as well as moving the entire inbound planning process to different Neptune applications for easier and better quality control.

The result has been better control in the warehouses, faster and more reliable deliveries, and a general rise in quality over the business. Jollyroom has more than doubled their inbound handling while still increasing the overall quality, improved and expedited the handling of returns, and most importantly, they now deliver customer orders faster and in the correct order with smarter and more automated processes–simplifying the way they work, and increasing profits and customer satisfaction like never before.

About Jollyroom

Jollyroom is a leading ecommerce company in Scandinavia with product focus for the whole family. They sell and distribute over 40.000 different products to 20 million people–ranging from pacifiers to strollers, toys and baby clothes.


  • Jollyroom


  • Andreas Alverbo, Project Manager Logistics at Jollyroom
  • Kaspar Hannerz, Inbound Manager at Jollyroom
  • Ulrika Enskog, Implementation Partner at Acando

Key Takeaway:

  • Increases Inbound Efficiency by 195%
  • 97% reduction in training time, from one week to one hour
  • Improved user experience to drive improved warehouse processes, including 70% fewer screens to visit from 10 to 3

Topics Covered:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Picking and inbound Handling
  • Mobility

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