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U.S. Sugar Expands Their Warehouse Management Strategy With the Use of New Mobility Software.

U.S. Sugar needed to develop new mobility software to stay faithful to the tradition of being an innovator. To solve challenges brought on by paper-based, slow and error-prone processes U.S. Sugar worked with Neptune Software to utilize mobility software to improve processes in their parts warehouse.

Watch How Mobility Software Enabled U.S. Sugar to Streamline Its Warehouse Process.

U.S. Sugar needed to modernize SAP operations to stay faithful to the tradition of being an innovator. One of their main goals was to modernize its operations and processes with cutting-edge technology in turn reducing operating expenses. They wanted a solution that would reduce waste, increase efficiency, and bring a new plant maintenance process into the field offline.

Watch how they implemented mobile and offline ready Neptune Software applications in one month, to streamline equipment maintenance in the field and traceability improvements for the citrus processing plant. Both projects they tackled during this implementation resulted in lower operating costs and improved efficiencies. Showcasing how they are modernizing SAP Operations and Processes with the Neptune DX Platform.

Since this initial implementation, U.S. Sugar has continued to grow to digitize other processes throughout the organization. Because of transitioning the warehouse to new mobility software, U.S. Sugar was uniquely positioned to pivot operations and workforce to face some of the initial challenges brought on by COVID-19.

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