A Brighter Future—One-Stop-Shop for ANY Backend and ANY Cloud

Unmatched Architectural Flexibility to Standardize and Unify Your Entire Business Across SAP Systems on ANY backend and More.

Experiencing Neptune live at TechEd Las Vegas promises to be a powerful meeting of the minds for developers, technologists, and other attendees. Stop by Booth 360 to see our unmatched architectural flexibility, and exactly why a Consumer/Pharma/Medical Device Enterprise uses the Neptune DX Platform as the backbone for their global Digital Transformation strategy and development.

We’ll be leading demonstrations so you can see the options our platform provides, including exposing an ABAP-based REST-API for integration with other systems. This functionality is in addition to all the previously available options, including binding to ABAP internal tables directly, or binding to oData, with complex out-of-the-box offline capabilities and more. Neptune offers the proven hybrid approach where mixing and matching multiple data sources within one application gives you the best of all worlds.

WHY GO FOR THE NEPTUNE Digital Experience (DX)?

  • Unmatched Architectural Flexibility – App Development/Integration on ANY Backend, ANY Cloud, and ANY Architecture
  • One Universal UX/DX for All Systems
  • Expose ABAP-based REST-API to other systems
  • Hybrid Approach of Mixing and Matching Multiple Data Sources
  • Lower Costs Via Leveraging Existing Roles and Authorizations
  • Realize True Mobility–No Need for Additional NetWeaver Gateway or SAP Mobile Platform

We’ll also be showing off some of our new features to the SAP community and take you behind the scenes to reveal the DNA of Neptune DX Platform Planet 8, which is built on ABAP—and the reason why we like to joke that we consider ourselves more SAP standard than SAP.  And even though we now also have the Neptune DXP Planet 9 module for any other system beyond SAP, we will always continue to support and innovate on SAP, and closely align our module Planet 8’s roadmap to SAP’s future direction.

We have a new cockpit look and feel of Neptune DXP, a standardized development environment for SAP and non-SAP backends (any backend) alike. At TechEd we will also be showcasing the flexibility of UI5 when it comes to themes and how you can change the look and feel beyond the standard Fiori look and feel.

Neptune is a now a source for development across all backends, allowing customers to standardize and unify their future ecosystem–beyond SAP, and we hope to see you at TechEd Las Vegas to show you how.  See for yourself at our Booth 360.

About the Author:

Martin Beringer – Consummate expert in Digital Transformation

Martin has spent 13 years in food manufacturing as a Six Sigma Black Belt leveraging systems like SAP to drive process improvement. This experience as an SAP user gives Martin a unique perspective on the impact of UX on business process improvement.

Want to know more about how we integrate any backend, or any cloud? Request a demo at TechEd now:

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