It’s not all about NEW software.

This paper offers a practical guide to CIOs on what fundamental pillars are needed to deliver against the Omnichannel Innovation challenge. In other words, what are the elements, a CIO needs to ensure are in place, in order to be able to deliver products and services which help a retail organization achieve business agility, customer centricity and operational efficiency across all channels in a profitable way.

We draw from our experiences with hundreds of organizations across the world large and small who are facing similar challenges. We highlight three key capability areas: Organization, Technology and Process – and we explain what elements are critical to have in place and why. We take examples of the winners and losers and draw from key points of Research.

By reading this paper you should have a clear perspective of your own business readiness and some key points of reference as you move forward with your omnichannel innovation:

In the following sections you will read about:

  • Omnichannel Innovation for retail and mass-personalization
  • The CIO’s Challenge
  • Organization Capabilities (Product-Centric Delivery and DevOps)
  • Technology Capabilities (Low Code/No Code, Cloud First, API Driven)
  • Process Capabilities (Agile Processes)
  • Additional Recommended Reading

About the author:

Natalie KouzeleasNatalie Kouzeleas is the General Manager of Neptune Software North America, Spain and Italy. Natalie has over 25 years of experience in Technology and Strategy. She was previously a Managing Director in Accenture’s Strategy practice and prior to this, worked for over ten years in Oracle Corporation where she was responsible for the first Mobile Customer Experience Applications developed for various global Retailers and Retail Banks. She has worked with Customers all over the world as both a Practitioner and Advisor

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