Moving Beyond Mobile: Embracing Design That Puts Users First

How Neptune Software Can Help Enterprises Make the Most of their SAP Investment

August 2016 marked the 25th anniversary of the publically available World Wide Web, changing the way we access and process information. Since that time, our lives have transformed immeasurably. Work is no longer just a physical location; today work happens anywhere – in the field, at home, across time zones, online, offline, and via many screens and devices.

And with the mobile app revolution – a shift rivaling the industrial revolution, according to CIO magazine – users now expect the same great experiences, apps, and design at work that they have in their personal world.

This is especially true of the new generation of workers raised on technology. These “digital natives,” who will comprise seventy-five percent of the workforce by 2025, according to the Digital Marketing Resource Center, seek intuitive, easy-to-use tools that empower them to work in the way they’re used to working, rather than adapt to applications and processes that are complex and clunky to operate.

Yet when it comes to putting users first and building a strong user experience, it’s not as simple as expecting business applications to be as easy to use as consumer apps. Business processes across a broad range of industries are highly complex, especially when those applications that process large amounts of data from many sources.

And no UX strategy is complete without a strong approach to mobility. In fact, sixty-four percent of organizations say that mobile technology is a top priority, a according to a 2015 IDG Enterprise study, “Building the Mobile Enterprise.”

More specifically, enterprise leaders say that mobile solution success must address a number of factors. Most important is the ability to integrate well with existing applications and infrastructure, followed closely by meeting security requirements while also being easy to deploy and manage.

Additionally, enterprises know that successful mobile solutions should be compatible with a variety of platforms and operating systems and include strong vendor support and services.

And according to the IDG study, enterprises are looking for mobile solutions to accomplish some key strategic tasks: improve internal communications, help with customer retention, and bring in new customers.

Given today’s diverse and dispersed work environment, companies that put mobility to use proactively are the ones that truly stand to benefit. That’s supported by another statistic from a recent Accenture study on mobility linking enterprises with a comprehensive mobile app approach to more profitable operations.

Simply put, companies that make mobile a key part of their roadmap are the ones that will succeed.

A solid mobility strategy begins with rethinking user experience.

Providing intuitive, easy-to-use applications in the enterprise is the first step in building a proactive mobility strategy and with it, greater competitive advantage.

With its market-leading ERP platform, SAP® offers a powerful and flexible approach designed to meet the needs of a variety of industries. And when it comes to user experience, SAP has put its design thinking philosophy to work, releasing SAP Fiori® UX in 2013. Based on SAPUI5, Fiori UX fulfils SAPs strategy to increase usability and improve the user experience in ABAP-based systems.

Gartner describes SAP Fiori UX as delivering “a fundamentally different user experience by being centered on the tasks and activities that matter to the end user. In contrast to previous approaches by SAP, the Fiori experience is not limited to a functional area, but rather cuts across functional areas and end-to-end processes.”

SAP Fiori UX is designed to help developers create the scalable and revolutionary user experiences that are wanted and needed in the enterprise. And as with many new tools, enterprise developers face a significant learning curve in putting Fiori UX to work. Enter Neptune Software.


Neptune Software



Neptune Software brings powerful SAP ABAP® and Fiori UX capabilities to life today, so enterprises can deliver the fast, secure, and “beyond mobile” applications that users need, when they need them, to keep business moving forward.

Designed to take advantage of SAP’s powerful integration and customization capabilities, Neptune Software helps enterprise organizations make the most of their SAP investment.

Only Fiori Solution to Leverage SAP’s own ABAP Source Code
Not only does Neptune Software align with SAPs design thinking approach, its Neptune User Experience Platform is the only solution for SAP Fiori® UX to directly leverage SAP´s own ABAP source code. This helps companies maximize the use of their existing SAP set-up and minimize the need for integration, enabling them to deliver SAP Fiori applications quickly, securely and cost-effectively across web and mobile.

Neptune User Experience Platform designed to help developers tackle the entire application lifecycle –across design, build, manage, and run. Plus, it runs on any SAP NetWeaver™ 7.x platform and/or HANA and is SAP Certified.

Most importantly, Neptune Software helps enterprises build a strong foundation for business anywhere, anytime…and make users happy, too.

What Does it Mean to Be “Beyond Mobile”?

The idea of “beyond mobile” addresses the fact that in today’s hyper-connected world, work now happens at the office, on the plane, in the field, and many other places.

Additionally, Neptune’s beyond mobile approach takes into account that offline access is equally as important as online access. That’s because working offline encompasses more than the ability to transact business in a disconnected state. In fact, it’s a core element of the user experience, increasing performance and reducing latency when users are far away from the back end system. Plus, ensuring that data is local for users facilitates a lightning-fast user experience.

This is true across industries such as telecom, utilities, retail, manufacturing, and across the public sector, as well as others. Our tools help enterprises deliver that unified and seamless user experience, wherever employees are working.

UX at Large Scale: Delivering More Applications, Faster

Bringing robust user experiences to the next generation of workers is exactly what a leading university in the Midwestern United States is focused on. Together with Neptune Software, this organization recently made available more than 40 applications through its Web Dynpro portal in a short timeframe. (Web Dynpro is SAP’s user interface technology for web-based applications.) An effort of this scale previously would have taken years to complete. It was accomplished in less than six months using Neptune User Experience Platform.

Intuitive Development Faster for More Intuitive User Experiences

Neptune User Experience Platform delivers out-of-the-box functionality and templates that eliminates ninety percent of front-end coding effort. With it, business can speed time to market from months to days for custom Fiori UX and ABAP-based apps while creating a single, unified approach to UX for existing SAP environments.

Not only can it can be installed on top of an existing SAP business suite implementation, including ERP, SRM, SCM, CRM, BW, and stand-alone, mini-SAP solutions, it can be incorporated into an existing data center environment. No additional servers required.

And the ability to use standard and familiar SAP Authentication and Transport Security mechanisms helps keep SAP environments secure.

Faster, More Cost Effective Implementations

A simplified approach and flexible platform for both front-end and back-end development lets enterprises use their existing resources and build on their existing knowledge base. A drag and-drop-designer enables developers to create, customize, extend, and deploy Fiori apps efficiently and cost-effectively, while reducing the need to learn new code.

And with the ability to use existing SAP rules and authorizations, developers can take advantage existing data, transport, security roles, business rules, and authorizations from SAP back-end functionality already in place.

That combined with the reduced friction in delivering a unified user interface and faster app response times, is a strategy built for increasing user satisfaction and facilitates the delivery of projects on time and on budget.

Built for Today and Tomorrow, Too.

Neptune Software’s approach will continue to align with SAP’s direction, helping to ensure applications built on the Neptune User Experience Platform are future proof, too. The platform is SAP-certified for integration with SAP HANA®, and is ready for SAP S4/HANA® as well. And because Neptune user Experience platform integrates easily with other platforms, including SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Hanna Cloud Platform, enterprises have the flexibility for future mobile, cloud, and non-SAP systems.

With solutions build to simplify the development cycle, organizations can work to meet the sophisticated needs of SAP users and keep pace with market innovation. And with the ability to manage the entire application lifecycle with ease, developers – and enterprises – can truly put users first. That’s a strategy to build the “beyond-mobile” future on.

About Neptune Software

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