HR Mobile Experience – Discover the 3 Champion Tips that help transform your HR Processes easily

Pro tennis faced seismic-level shifts in the years since Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams blasted on scene, changing the game forever.

Just as impressive is their staying power: each of them continuing to dominate the sport years beyond the champs before them. But they didn’t win a collective 59 grand slams with those impressive skills alone.

Here’s their secret: They continually reinvent their game and raise the stakes for everyone.

Always moving your feet: Continual innovation is the new normal.
Now think of how quickly business is changing due to technological innovation and industry disruption. Staying competitive today requires the ability to reinvent business models and product and service offerings, and at a pace faster than ever before. To be the company that disrupts an industry, changing it forever.

That’s were digital transformation comes in. And it’s not just about refreshing old systems or automating still-manual processes. It’s about reinvention. In business today, constant innovation is the new normal.

The 3 Rules from the Grand Slam Winners’ Playbook to reinvent your HR mobile experience includes:

  1. Play a high-percentage game
    • …enlist your IT development team to investigate low-code options that give you an easy way to extend your existing [SAP] tools to the world of mobile devices.
  2. Agility is everything
    • …enterprise HR leaders can bring agility into their HCM solutions by partnering with the IT department to bring in the right capabilities to make sure you’re making the most of your existing infrastructure investment while solving your tough HR challenges
  3. Use geometry to your advantage
    • …when undergoing digital transformation, HR leaders need to create efficient and simplified processes that make the best use of your significant investment in technology

Further, while your digital transformation may start with core administrative systems, including your HR systems, truly transformative innovation needs to happen on a widescale. Before you can begin to…


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