Digital Transformation in Government

Digital Transformation in Government: How defense organizations are thriving

Public & Government sector organizations spend a lot of time focusing on “and.”  Protect AND serve. Educate AND prepare. Prevent AND respond.

Balancing many priorities is something government service organizations are pretty familiar with. And pretty good at.

So it’s no different when it comes to tackling that big buzzword: Digital Transformation. Right alongside the need to activate innovative new digital services to meet the public’s demand for faster, more convenient and responsive services is the need to keep infrastructure, data and people safe.

As a top priority for public sector organizations, digital transformation initiatives can help improve work processes while improving the ability to serve the public, support better policy, drive sustainability and smart tools, all while improving outcomes for citizens. That’s according to the EY report, “How does digital government become better government.”

Digital Transformation in Government takes a strong focus on several key areas, according to the EY report, including:

  • Improving customer experience to make it easier for citizens to interact with their government agencies
  • Putting security at the forefront to protect citizens and data and fulfill your organizational mission
  • Streamlining work processes and driving an empowered workforce
  • Facilitating innovation and the use of smart technologies to improve how societies function

Digital Transformation in Government

Effective technology, of course, is the critical enabler for digital transformation initiatives. IT has a critically important role to play to lead this type of big change and realize the possibilities of modern digital service offerings. At the same time, balancing transformation initiatives with the need for strong security is of the highest importance.

Transformation in Action

Let’s take a look at how examples from the defence and public sector – the French Gendarmerie, New Zealand Defence Force, and the Norwegian Military – are succeeding in their efforts to support a more effective, responsive, and safety-first government. These organizations are just a few of Neptune Software’s global customers in this sector, which includes the Danish Defense Force, French Army, USDA, Enfield Council, the Department of Conservation, the City of Stuttgart and many more.


French Gendarmerie

French Gendarmerie improves the user experience and eases developer transition to 100,000 mobile users

The French Gendarmerie looked to modernize the user experience for the national SAP Human Resources portal with mobile capabilities and simplified technology. And they had a tall order. They wanted to build a great mobile experience for safety officers, leverage existing SAP infrastructure and inhouse-developer capabilities and integrate seamlessly with the ABAP backend capabilities. Delivering fast applications at a rapid pace was key.

Targeting a core set of 25 applications focusing on SAP Human Resources and personnel data management as well as time, leave, and travel management, the organization quickly rolled out its first application. Users and IT  alike have appreciated the easy transition. They also implemented a policy-based strategy to control access to applications based on exact needs and role of the user.

“Our user base is enthusiastic about the new experience and all of the new functionality,” said M. Johann Lahitte. Agorha Mobility Project Manager at Gendarmerie Nationale. “As we roll-out the additional applications later this summer, users are actively brainstorming with us to help us adjust the experience to be exactly what they want and need.”

With Neptune Software, the organization has streamlined both training and associated costs, simplified system administration, and eliminated the need to redevelop existing capabilities.

Read more about their success.


New Zealand Defence Force

Mobilizing inventory processes at New Zealand Defence Force

  • Increasing safety and ability to respond to events quickly – supporting safety standards while  making it easier for employees to create and consume information.
  • Facilitating better engagement and communication internally – keeping a simple user interface and enable more efficient resource usage, improve employee satisfaction in the process.
  • Allowing more timely and accurate data capture and utilization – enabling a drop-in manual and paper-based transactions, reducing process duplication and keyboard data entry.

Digitizing their inventory management and mobilize the armory stock take process would help NZDF meet these requirements.

Working with our SAP implementation partner Zag, the organization deployed Neptune Software’s DX Platform to modernize and optimize its processes and interfaces, delivering a self-service employee portal that enables soldiers to deploy the software on any NZDF-approved mobile device.

By automating and streamlining its armory stock-take processes, NZDF could increase data quality. Plus, they could reduce manual processes that once took several hours to just seconds.

The approach included taking advantage of NZDF’s existing SAP setup to minimize the need for integration. Today, NZDF external portal based in the AWS cloud provides a channel supporting authentication mechanisms and data for mobile devices now used in the field connecting to the back end.  Neptune Software is deployed on NZDF’s external portal and pushed out through an employee self-service portal, enabling a trusted secure connection between the self-services side and their back-end.

Soldiers can now deploy the software on any NZDF-approved mobile device. With Neptune’s combined online and offline capability, soldiers even have the flexibility to work in remote areas where Wi-Fi is not available or around aircraft where Wi-Fi is not permitted. Commercial RFID barcode scanners, used for scanning all barcoded inventory, are able to be linked in via Bluetooth.

With the success of the initial project, NZDF has expanded their automated inventory processes across more areas.

“This is going to revolutionize how our business does business,” said Robert Raines, ERP architect at NZDF.

Read more about their approach.


Norwegian Military Defence

Norwegian Military creates intuitive self-service kiosk running on Neptune DX Platform

Working together with our Norwegian Partner S5 Consulting on their app implementation projects, Forsvaret (the Norwegian Military) is optimizing logistic and handling processes for equipment with a new, intuitive self-service kiosk.

The organization is finding smart and simple solutions with the Neptune DX Platform to make end users work more efficiently, and their SAP system run smarter, implementing 15 apps in seven months and delivering smart logistics to support their teams.

Watch how they did it.

Getting started

So what does it take for IT teams to understand how to deploy digital services that keeps security at the forefront? The ability to scale quickly and effortlessly, a willingness to embrace agile processes supported by capabilities such as low-code development, and a shift to product-centric delivery.

Learn more about Digital Transformation in Government and that trio of transformative capabilities in our Whitepaper: Two strategies to address digitization challenges in Public Sector.

Key Takeaways

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in government and other public sector organizations is a top priority

Balancing transformation initiatives with the need for strong security is of the highest importance

Use Cases: modernizing the customer experience, creating an empowered workforce, delivering smart technologies

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