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November 6-9

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Gartner IT Symposium

Unleash Possibility

We’re entering the next era of possibility, with boundless opportunities for CIOs and IT executives to create new value. As an essential strategic leader, you’ve been exploring and expanding during this time of rapid transformation. It’s now time to unleash everything you’ve learned to lead your organization into a thriving future. From responsibly harnessing the promise of Generative AI to securely opening new pathways for growth and creating a culture of innovation that provides value for employees, customers, and citizens. The possibilities are wide open.

Join us at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2023 to separate hype from reality and embrace the latest insights and technologies with a global community of experts and peers. Prepare to stretch your vision, shape the future, and unleash possibility.

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Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo at a Glance

Join Gartner experts and your community of over 7,000 CIO and IT executive peers, participate in interactive and collaborative sessions, and share experiences!

Join the Neptune Crew during our two speaking sessions taking place during the event. Hear all about ‘Bob’ [11/6 @ 17:35] and from our customer Dussmann Group [11/7 @ 15:15].

Stop by our booth [booth 515] and say hello to the #NeptuneCrew – come watch a demo, and have all of your questions about Neptune DXP answered!

Navigate your way through four days of  learning across over ten different topics and unparalleled networking through planned and unplanned events, all under one roof.

Join us for our customer session!
Happening Tuesday, Nov. 7 at 15:15

Check out our 30-minute session located in Hilton Ballroom A on Tuesday, November 7th at 15:15, hosted by our customer Dussmann Group and hear about their “Employee Experience with Low-Code: Dussmann creates employee portal in 3 months” In this session, join Christin Purmann, Head of SCC Employee Portals, as she unveils the secrets to how Dussmann Group digitized, among others, their manual HR processes for 19,000 employees in Germany in a few short months, thanks to the power of no-code/low-code. This self-service employee portal built with Neptune met the individualized needs of different employees, combining SAP and other systems. Where only 15% of employees once had digital capabilities, today, the company has achieved over 60% adoption within participating entities. See how you can easily bring simplicity to your complex processes & technologies.

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Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit

Join us for our stage session!
Happening Monday, Nov. 11 at 17:35

Check out our 20-minute session, located at IT Xpo Stage 2 on Monday, November 6th at 17:35, hosted by our Chief Product Officer Helder Goncalves, and our Country Managing Director for DACH Christoph Garms and “Meet Bob and see how you can get value from No-Code/Low-Code for SAP” In this session, join IT Director Bob, on a captivating adventure as he hunts for innovative solutions to meet his organization’s diverse needs. Unveiling the game-changing power of No-Code/Low-Code (NCLC) platforms customized for SAP systems. Witness how Bob’s team simplifies stakeholder coordination, integrates data effortlessly, and drastically reduces development time, effort, and costs. Experience the speed at which Bob delivers multiple business apps, fueling digital transformation and unlocking untapped potential. Get ready to embrace the power of NCLC, because in this scenario, we’re all Bob!

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