Neptune Software recognized by Gartner in Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms [MXDP]

Multiexperience Development Platforms [MXDP] are the future of application development

Learn how, with the right tools, SAP and non SAP customers alike can address the challenges of today’s complex, hybrid IT landscapes with a single holistic MXDP solution.



Multiexperience refers to the numerous permutations of modalities (i.e. touch, voice and gesture), devices and apps users interact with on their digital journey across several touchpoints.

As the mobile app demand rises, so does the demand for other touchpoints such as Conversaiontional UI, Artificial Intelligence, Wearables, etc. If you don’t have a platform that can handle all of these different touchpoints seamlessly and continue to grow with the technology changes your digital transformation efforts will come to a screeching halt. The future is multiexperience digital platforms and as technology advances, this will continue to become more and more apparent.

Starting with an Honorable Mention in 2019, Neptune Software quickly established itself as leading platform and made this years 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant by focusing heavily on mobile apps, web and PWAs, and offering the ability to develop conversational and immersive applications via building blocks available through the vendor’s marketplace


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More than 100 vendors were evaluated and only 16 made the report. Explore why Neptune Software was one of the vendors on the shortlist, and why we are part of next-generation mobile and multiexperiences and are highly regarded by customers.


As technology advances, new digital touchpoints are popping up all over. As they are created they are becoming more widely available increasing the demand to be used.

Multiexperience Development Platforms [MXDP] help companies streamline the job of managing user experiences across multiple platforms. Having all of your day to day tasks integrated into one place creates internal efficiencies that are highly scalable. Offering a range of front-end development tools and back-end services, MXDP improves development and training time. Having faster app release times creates a faster feedback cycle which allows you to enhance your digital experience faster.

Take control of your app deployment with MXDP. Without having to go through a cloud service provider directly you can deploy in less time. MXDP will also give IT departments a better oversight of your software landscape and helps eliminate the security risk caused by shadow IT (software purchases and activities made without your IT team’s knowledge).

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Multiexperience platforms enhance the collaboration between business and IT creating a more open process of building, designing and managing apps.

Neptune Software’s approach allows developers to develop applications for new digital touchpoints and platforms while maintaining a cohesive user experience. End-user’s can give real-time feedback and input into what they need which makes these applications scalable in fast-paced environments. Coupled with a customer-success centric mission, Neptune Software is the perfect fit for companies looking to be successful in a digital era.

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“Customer success is at the center of our mission, and this latest recognition from Gartner further validates our goal to empower our customers to drive real results and digitize for the future. It’s a crowded marketplace with hundreds of vendors and our success lies in acknowledging that while low-code and MXDP is the future, scalable success in this digital era will come to those that can truly bridge Business and IT”

Andreas Sulejewski, CEO at Neptune Software


Explore how Neptune Software helped create Multiexperience Digital Platforms for these customers

Infraserv Hoechst realizes a future of “hands-free” work through voice controlled rugged glasses

Leveraging the Neptune DX Platform, Infraserv was able to move a step beyond just using smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android, they were finally able to implement apps that run on voice controlled rugged glasses

How Johnson & Johnson is Creating a New Digital Supply Chain Transformation Using Neptune DX Platform

Neptune Software’s low-code development platform can solve the challenges of an entire digital ecosystem. Watch how Johnson & Johnson is embracing innovation to create complex apps with Neptune Software to do just that.


Multiexperience Development Platforms and Neptune Software

Listen to the Neptune Software team explain what multiexperience is all about, why it is important that we made the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multiexperience Development Platforms, what that means for our customers, and our path forward.


Reduced coding. Increased integration.

Use a development platform to reduce app coding constraints and simplify integration on any backend, any cloud, any architecture, any device online, or offline.

Develop complex apps fast

Develop complex apps fast with a robust Low Code platform for PWA, Web, Mobile and Offline apps

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Create modern API first Microservices and Workflow architecture based on Node.js

Leverage building blocks to easily enable functionality such as Chatbot and Voice, and consume them as hybrid, desktop or progressive web apps (PWA) on iOS, Android or Windows

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Host Anywhere and get the flexibility you want by running in containers such as Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry or on-premise

Easily mix and match between oData, SOAP, RestAPI’s and any other data providers or cutting edge tech such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Blockchain, IoT, AI, and more

Automate and simplify your entire application lifecycle with our development, DevOps and NoOps toolkit, and choose the target UI you want for your applications (React , Vue or UI5)

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