Safran Vectronix modernized its warehouse and production processes with low-code-based SAP Fiori applications in just 3 months

Safran Vectronix faced the challenge of digitizing its SAP-based processes to gain better visibility into production and production-related processes and manufacturing orders. Within three months, Safran Vectronix equipped its workforce with modern Fiori apps based on low code. As a result, the company’s processes were sustainably optimized, leading to greater transparency, cost savings and happier employees in all areas.

Safran Vectronix modernized SAP

Manufacturing Customer
Success Story with Neptune DXP


-Overview of work orders in production needed to be optimized

-Unclear SAP storage location structure that did not correspond to the actual work processes complicated information flow

-Current processes lacked information employees needed to complete their work effectively (e.g., missing components)

-Loss of material and increased inventory time due to untraceable materials



-Successful PoC in just five days

-Mobile Fiori apps digitalized SAP processes, enabling transparency in production and time savings

-Development of 4 apps in 3 months that sustainably improved business processes

-Digital warehouse concept

-Valuable insights into enterprise statistics

-Equipping the workforce with modern apps



-Simple handling of the apps for employees in production

-Stable connection on or offline

-Can be flexibly expanded for further applications with additional apps already implemented and others in the planning phase

-No need for additional Interfaces

-Future-proof technology (S/4HANA)

-Happy workforce

Challenge: Improving the overview of work orders, modernizing SAP processes and equipping employees with mobile Fiori apps

As a modern company in the manufacturing industry, Safran Vectronix recognized the need to digitize its SAP-based processes to gain greater transparency over work orders and make overall production more efficient. The previous processes were time-consuming and lacked transparency in the communication flow, resulting in inefficient workflows. In addition, there was no transparent overview of the status of work orders in production. This made it difficult for employees in the plant to work in a focused manner. A lack of information about missing components in production was just one example of the challenges workers faced. The confusing storage location structure in the SAP ERP system was also not properly mapped according to actual work processes. All of this led to unnecessary delays in production orders.

Vectronix’s IT infrastructure is managed centrally within the Group. As there is only one person responsible for SAP ERP in Heerbrugg, Safran Vectronix was looking for a simple solution that would allow them to develop user-friendly Fiori apps quickly and easily that addressed all of their process problems.

That is when they turned to external SAP partner Arxos, who were already familiar with the low-code app development platform Neptune DXP and knew how easy it was to develop the applications needed and embed them in the company’s IT environment.

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Solution: Digital SAP processes thanks to mobile Fiori applications with low code

The aim was to modernize and optimize the outdated workflows for employees in order to simplify work processes. After a successful proof of concept, which was carried out within just 5 days in collaboration with Arxos developed on the low-code app development platform Neptune DXP, Safran Vectronix decided to launch the project to digitalize SAP processes in production and warehousing.

A total of four low-code-based SAP Fiori applications were developed, all which sustainably improved business processes:

  • Intralogistics App: The intralogistics of upstream production has been optimized through an improved warehouse concept. Thanks to the mobile app, which employees access via tablets, they can now communicate digitally as soon as the components are ready
  • Production App: All work orders can now be viewed digitally, which has led to greater transparency in production and time savings. Employees now know which order is due next, can call up all the important details and documents for the order in the app, see how long they need per work order and request help. In addition, time recording including evaluation per order can be started with just one click using the start/stop button.
  • Goods Receipt App: Orders of incoming goods are now displayed online, which enables employees to coordinate their work better and manage suppliers and incoming goods more efficiently (monitor incoming goods, schedule coordination). Deadlines can be prioritized in a matter of seconds. Missing parts for production are promptly made visible in the app with color coding.
  • Analysis Dashboard: This app provides Safran Vectronix management with valuable insights into company figures for purchasing and production. It shows which suppliers are among the top 5, and which orders, documents or confirmations are still outstanding. These data-based insights enable the company to make informed decisions and make its operations more efficient.

The whole project was successfully completed after just three months. The SAP Fiori mobile apps offer an intuitive user experience with a uniform interface and a simple menu structure so that employees in production can use them easily without any training.

Results: Safran Vectronix's digital future strengthened by Fiori apps in SAP

For Safran Vectronix, it was crucial that the Fiori apps developed could be integrated seamlessly and directly into the existing SAP system, without additional infrastructure or complex interfaces. This seamless integration was easily achieved using Neptune DXP, allowing the apps to access the existing SAP data and processes from the very beginning.

Furthermore, the Fiori apps developed were designed to be easily extended and adapted to the changing needs of the business. This gives Safran Vectronix the certainty that the apps will meet future requirements and can easily be made accessible to additional user groups.

With the eventual transition to SAP S/4HANA, Safran Vectronix understands the importance of integration. That’s why the apps developed are suitable for the current SAP environment and prepared for a smooth migration to SAP S/4HANA. This provides Safran Vectronix with a solid foundation for a successful digital future.

Overall, the introduction of the low-code-based Fiori apps led to a significant improvement in work processes, transparency and efficiency within the company. This enabled employees at the plant to work in a more targeted and effective manner. Safran Vectronix was able to fully leverage the benefits of digitalization and achieve sustainable business results in the long term.

“Thanks to Arxos and the SAP-centric, no-code/low-code platform Neptune DXP, we were able to equip our employees with modern apps in a very short period. The digitalization of our production processes has led to greater transparency, cost savings and more happy employees in all areas,” says Heinz Tschanett, Director Information Systems at Safran Vectronix.

Company Snapshot

Safran Vectronix is a global leader in state-of-the-art optronic equipment, systems and sensors for military and civil applications. Through their extensive distribution network, they export over 99% of our products worldwide. Safran Vectronix is headquartered in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.

Safran Vectronix is part of the Safran Group, an international high-technology company active in aeronautics (propulsion, equipment and interiors), defense and space. With 83,300 employees, Safran has a global presence and is a world or regional leader in its core markets.

Industry: Manufacturing & Production
Modules: SAP ERP
Devices: Desktop or PWA apps, which are also used on tablets (Windows)
Timeline: 3 months

“The digitalization of our production processes has led to greater transparency, cost savings and more happy employees in all areas.”

-Heinz Tschanett, Director Information Systems at Safran Vectronix

About Arxos

Arxos has successfully implemented demanding SAP projects for international companies for almost 20 years. The company’s strengths are its efficiency, comprehensive know-how and flexibility. Arxos sees itself as an implementation-oriented partner that integrates seamlessly into internal project teams. They can rely on a local network and extensive experience in international rollouts. Customers appreciate the long-term cooperation with constant contact persons, which creates trust, especially when dealing with complex challenges and projects. More information at:

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