Colorificio Sammarinese performs SAP SD order pricing simulation in offline


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Colorificio Sammarinese, an industrial paint company based out of the Republic of San Marino, needed to provide their sales reps with business apps that were multi-platform, could easily integrate with SAP, and were mobile. They also needed to be able to handle and synchronize a lot of data offline. After evaluating SAP-owned solutions, as well as other leading vendors, the choice fell on Neptune Software’s low-code application development platform, Neptune DXP.

“To other IT Managers, just try Neptune Software. It’s a faster way to solve SAP problems. You won’t regret it.” Gianmaria Di Flumeri, IT Manager at Colorificio Sammarinese.

Today, Colorificio Sammarinese can perform SAP SD order pricing simulations offline while still using their SAP definition strategy. They can track trends and plan sales year-over-year, send orders directly to an approval workflow process, check customer credit status, the status of invoices and orders, and even retrieve copies of the invoices – all while drastically reducing the number of calls and queries from Sales Reps to the Front Office, which previously put a strain on company resources and halted productivity.

“Neptune Software has become a strategic asset for us.” The sales team has transformed the way they do business and can further deliver on their goal of exceptional customer service, while IT has the flexibility and performance to create the features and functionalities their business needs at impressive speeds.


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Key takeaways

-Create multi-platform business apps, easily integrate with SAP, run on mobile, and able to handle and synchronize offline
-Able to perform SD pricing conditions in offline using their SAP definition strategy
-“It’s a faster way to solve SAP problems”

Topics Covered:
-SAP SD / SAP SD Order Pricing
-SAP Fiori User Experience (UX)
-Offline and Mobility


-Gianmaria Di Flumeri , IT Manager at Colorificio Sammarinese
-Matthew Vagnini, Sales Manager at Colorificio Sammarinese
-Matteo Guaraldi, CRM Manager at Colorificio Sammarinese

About Colorificio Sammarinese

colorificio sammarineseColorificio Sammarinese was founded in 1944 in the Republic of San Marino and offers a wide range of high-quality paints such as Samoline paint, wall paint, varnishes and enamels for buildings and professional industry, as well as a leader in supporting race circuits, like Moto Grand Prix.

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