Don’t just do agile. Live it with a single, complete platform

Struggling to implement agile and continuous innovation? With a single, complete tool, you can empower your teams to simplify development, deploy zero-defect software regularly, and create a sustainable approach to continuous innovation.

How it works

Neptune Software and its low-code platform quickly explained

A quick video that explains what we do and how our low code / rapid app development platform helps companies to digitize their processes in a faster and more efficient way. Get to know Neptune Software and its Neptune DX Platform.

Agile or die: Why continuous innovation is key to business survival

It’s no longer enough to “do” agile, it’s time to live it. CIOs need to pick up the challenge and make significant changes that drive continuous innovation – or be left to keep the lights on.

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“One of the nice things about Neptune Software is that it just works.”

Phillip Sweeney, Program Director at United Utilities 

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Continuing to stay agile is key in today’s climate – make sure you
stay one step ahead of the competition with Neptune DXP.

Workplace Innovation

Workplace 4.0: Stay Competitive with Low-Code

To stay competitive, companies need to shift their focus on softening the barriers of IT and create a more hybrid and agile approach to how they work – that is where a low-code platform comes in.

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low code solutions

Low-Code solutions are the answer you’re looking for

Low-Code is a visual approach that automates every step of the application life process to enable the rapid creation of a multitude of software solutions helping to bridge the gap between business and IT.

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How systems integrators can power up conversion projects

To ensure a smooth transition to SAP S/4HANA without sacrificing innovation, companies first need to establish a strategic development platform. Read our guide for systems integrators on how to power up their conversion projects.

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How Johnson & Johnson is Creating a New Digital Supply Chain Transformation Using Neptune DXP

Neptune Software’s low-code development platform can solve the challenges of an entire digital ecosystem. Watch how Johnson & Johnson is embracing innovation to create complex apps creating a digital supply chain with Neptune Software.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

We can help you stay agile in this fast-paced technology landscape. Use the Neptune DX Platform to open up any of your backend systems and develop the apps you need.


Build any app faster

We offer low code, rapid application development with easy drag-and-drop functionality, enabling faster development, code reusability, and easier change management. Leverage our pro-code development area with your choice of UI coding frameworks, including REACT, Vue, and NPM.


Build once, deploy anywhere

We cater to all clients (iOS/Android/Windows10/WebClient) and devices. Without having to build multiple apps, developers can provide an excellent user experience for employees and customers alike.


Create dynamic data visualizations

With Neptune Software’s data visualization partnership with Highcharts, developers can create dynamic, rich dashboards and reports for their users. Through Neptune’s partnership with Pyze, developers can embed cross-platform AI driven analytics into any application.


Integrate anything

We are an API-driven platform enabling developers to create front-end apps and integrate with any available public or enterprise API. We support oData and are certified by SAP for our unique capability to create APIs from SAP.


Any Cloud or On-Premise

Neptune DXP is cloud agnostic, giving you the flexibility to host your platform using public or private cloud, on-premise, or a combination. Neptune DXP can exist in a Docker container, can be orchestrated with Kubernetes, and includes support for Cloud Foundry.


Design and orchestrate processes

With a drag-and-drop workflow capability, developers can design and automatically integrate processes across your back-end systems. They can be consumed in apps or via machine-to-machine for scenarios such as RPA or AI. You can also create a micro-services architecture.

Customer Success: Discover what you can make with Neptune Software

Dussmann Employee Experience goes digital with low-code

Constellation Research describes the rollout of an employee portal solution at Dussmann Group who digitized its employee journey, processes and communication with the help of low-code.

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Elkjøp optimizes in-store B2B and B2C sales with Neptune DXP

See how retail giant Elkjøp used a single development platform to unify multiple SAP and non-SAP systems. They paired Azure microservices with SAP and created tailor-made mobile applications to modernize its retail processes.

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Fonterra unlocks real ROI by reducing waste with a Mobilized Maintenance Workforce

Fonterra, the 5th largest dairy provider in the world, shows us how Neptune technology enables you to beat the cost curve and tackle innovation heads on with a Mobilized Maintenance Workforce.

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