Agile or die: Why continuous innovation is critical to business survival.

Don’t just do agile. Live it with a single, complete platform

The Neptune DXP can help you deliver value fast

Struggling to implement agile and continuous innovation? With a single, complete tool, you can empower your teams to simplify development, deploy zero-defect software regularly, and create a sustainable approach to continuous innovation.

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Agile or die: Why continuous innovation is key to business survival

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It’s no longer enough to “do” agile, it’s time to live it. CIOs need to pick up the challenge and make significant changes that drive continuous innovation – or be left to keep the lights on.

Download our white paper on why Agile innovation is critical to the survival of your enterprise.

Phillip Sweeney
United Utilities

“One of the nice things about Neptune Software is that it just works”

Phillip Sweeney, Programme Director at United Utilities plc

Phillip Sweeney
United Utilities

“One of the nice things about Neptune Software is that it just works”

Phillip Sweeney, Programme Director at United Utilities plc


Explore more of the Neptune DX Platform

Elkjøp Success Story

Elkjøp created tailor-made next-generation apps that sit above both its SAP and non-SAP systems to modernize its architecture and system landscape. This allowed them to prepare for the future all while boosting B2B and B2C sales.

How to Drive Business Innovation

Open discussion with some of Neptune Software’s customers on their perspectives of the fundamental pillars needed to drive Business Innovation.


How Johnson & Johnson transforming their Supply Chain

Watch how Johnson&Johnson uses Neptune DX Platform as a strategic
tool globaly for all their Digital Transformation needs


Why use Neptune DX Platform to develop and manage your apps and processes?

Neptune DX for fast app development

Build any App Faster

DXP offers low code, rapid application development with easy drag-and-drop functionality. DXP enables faster development, code reusability, and easier change management. Leverage our pro-code development area with your choice of UI coding frameworks, including REACT, Vue, and NPM. Controls can be configured for off-line out of the box and testing can be automated with through Test Fairy.

Enterprise app API integrations

Integrate Anything

DXP is an API-driven platform enabling developers to create front-end apps and integrate with any available public or enterprise API. DXP also supports oData and is certified by SAP for its unique capability to create APIs from SAP.

Enterprise app deployment

Build once Deploy Anywhere

DXP simplifies application development by empowering developers to build once and cater to all clients (iOS/Android/Windows10/WebClient) and devices. Without having to build multiple apps, developers can provide an excellent user experience for employees and customers alike. To streamline maintenance, updates are centralized and deployed automatically from within the platform.

Speed up your enterprise app development

Design & orchestrate Processes

With DXP’s drag-and-drop workflow capability, developers can design and automatically integrate processes across your back-end systems. These processes can be consumed in apps or via machine-to-machine for scenarios such as RPA or AI. DXP can also be leveraged to create a micro-services architecture.

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Create dynamic data visualisations

With Neptune’s data visualisation partnership with Highcharts, developers can create dynamic, rich dashboards and reports for their users. Through Neptune’s partnership with Pyze, developers can embed cross-platform AI driven analytics into any application.

Cloud and on-promise APIs

Any Cloud or On-Premise

Neptune’s DXP is cloud agnostic, giving you the flexibility to host your platform using public or private cloud, on-premise, or a combination. DXP can exist in a Docker container, can be orchestrated with Kubernetes, and includes support for Cloud Foundry.

Share your enterprise apps centrally - Neptune Launchpad

Enterprise Scalability

The highly scalable DXP is used by over 500 customers globally, ranging from a few concurrent users to over 300,000. The platform is built on NodeJS, known for its performance and trusted runtimes, and carries a light footprint that can reside on a Raspberry Pi.

Enterprise app security

Built-in Security

DXP has three main areas of security: platform, application and API. Users are organized into roles and roles into groups, so IT can easily define security rules and protocols. All data communicated from the platform to the client is encrypted using 256-bit encryption. DXP also integrates easily with most enterprise MDMs and cyber security solutions.

SAP ABAP coded apps

Train your teams in 3 days

Despite the broad set of capabilities of DXP, developers with either ABAP or JavaScript skills can master the tool easily. Within only three days of training, developers can start building their own apps independently.

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Simple & Flexible Pricing

Neptune Software has several pricing levels to support your complex requirements and give you the control you need. Test for free, implement a basic project or power your business with enterprise level support.

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