How SAP Fiori App Development gets easier with Low-Code

SAP Fiori app development


Flexible, individually process-tailored software solutions are increasingly becoming the cornerstone of business competitiveness. Companies across sectors using SAP are turning to and relying more and more on their own app development, especially within a migration to SAP S/4HANA. To many, SAP Fiori app development is hard, tedious, too complex sometimes and often requires a lot of skilled resources. But it doesn’t have to be. More companies today are choosing low-code to solve their app development needs and make things easier.

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Digital transformation requires rapid app development

In today’s fast-changing world with ever-evolving technology, tough competition, and high customer expectations, businesses need to use technology to keep up and stay ahead. This means making new processes and functions available quickly and easily through digitization. But this also means being able to turn old SAP processes into new easy-to-use digital solutions easily. The SAP IT team can no longer afford to let months or even weeks pass before implementing new technical requirements from business departments. However, considering the industry-wide scarce IT personnel resources, it is no surprise that some find it difficult to create even just the business-critical SAP Fiori apps within a reasonable time period. Expanding existing developer teams is also usually not an option due to high costs and the shortage of qualified specialists.

Companies are, therefore, increasingly turning to the power and benefit of low-code for their SAP Fiori app development. This approach reduces the time-to-market of SAP Fiori apps while simultaneously lessening the workload on IT. To get it right, SAP Fiori app development requires the right set of tools to make it easier. More and more IT departments are choosing Neptune Software for the solution – because it is the easiest to use with SAP  and any other 3rd party system or software in place.

SAP Fiori app development without coding experience

The Neptune DX Platform (Neptune DXP) can accelerate SAP Fiori app development by a factor of ten. Instead of writing a lot of code, developers can use a simple solution based on application building blocks where they use drag and drop to build new apps. Specific programming knowledge or even skill sets to work with SAP BTP are no longer required.

With Neptune DXP, companies leverage their ABAP know-how in a native development environment that easily integrates with existing development processes and tools. In addition, the platform is fully integrated with SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA  Therefore, the solution can be used before, during and after a S/4HANA conversion, especially as a side-by-side extension. Some companies even use Neptune DXP to easily and quickly re-write where the standard doesn’t fit because it can significantly speed up the S/4HANA conversion process.

Another major advantage is that any backend, cloud resource and architecture can be connected to created apps using APIs. Thus, data from silos can be merged and made available in real-time.

Streamline your SAP app development process with Low-Code apps: Benefits and Advantages

Neptune’s low-code app development platform offers IT teams a wide range of features. One core component is the App Designer, which can be used for model-based and visually supported SAP Fiori app development. Another highlight is the “mobile readiness” of the applications. The platform can be used to create offline-capable, hybrid apps, as well as progressive web apps (PWAs). App developers can also take advantage of the many adaptive app templates, and various application building blocks Neptune offers.

Neptune’s integrated No-Code App Builder for SAP apps also deserves time in the spotlight. It allows easy and fast SAP Fiori mockups and prototyping for the IT but also gives a citizen developer tool for IT to include and work with the business side.

Use cases: How other companies utilize Low-Code for SAP Fiori app development

More than 730 companies around the world are already using Neptune Software for their mobile and desktop SAP Fiori app development. These apps are used worldwide and across sectors such as:

Neptune’s customers come from a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, groceries, and the public sector. Among others, Hitachi Rail Europe has moved its SAP Fiori app development and management to Neptune DXP. The company has used the platform to develop more than 20 new apps with Fiori UX to optimize the production, management, and maintenance of its approximately 120 trains in the UK, as well as to automate their processes. The world-renowned auction house, Sotheby’s, also relies on low-code SAP Fiori app development. Using Neptune’s solution, the company implemented an offline-enabled Android app that allows employees to scan and track valuable items as they are moved from storage facilities to galleries.

No matter what industry or use case, Neptune has helped hundreds of companies worldwide already. Discover more.


SAP Fiori app development can finally bring the convenience and flexibility of consumer apps into a business context. But developing them can be hard and daunting. To do well and stay ahead, businesses should consider using a solution that makes app creation easy. Get ahead of the game and experience the real advantages of low-code SAP Fiori app development with Neptune DXP. Try it today with a free trial.

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