SAP Digitalization: How S/4HANA becomes less intimidating

SAP digitalization


Regardless of company size or industry, SAP digitalization is a reality. With the help of the Neptune DX Platform, all your processes and applications can be digitized and developed, even during a challenging and long conversion to S/4HANA. But how does a digitalization process like this become less intimidating? 

Competitiveness hinges on a company’s degree of SAP digitalization

Companies are facing rapidly increasing demands to maintain competitiveness. And it’s not just due to the pandemic and critical political developments with global trade consequences. Leaner, effective, and adaptable organizations are becoming decisive factors in determining economic viability and sustainability. SAP digitalization is making a significant, if not the most significant, contribution. SAP processes need to be digitalized and higher-level processes, workflows and procedures must be redesigned and digitally mapped. This must be produced in a manner which meets the requirements of the modern agile team, project, and company management. Value-added SAP applications should be developed based on the overall strategic direction and need to complement the mentioned requirements.  

With SAP digitalization, sustainable SAP apps can seamlessly be launched and implemented. Due to the high degree of, often unexpected, complexity and insufficient in-house capacities, things can get convoluted quickly – especially when the migration to S/4HANA is ramping up or already underway. The impact on the company’s entire IT landscape often becomes so high that long conversion times and more complex adjustments are required. Yet IT departments are still expected to develop and implement the required SAP applications. Postponing such projects is not an option because not only do innovation and business development lag, but IT development debts grow considerably and traffic jams in new SAP application testing and implementation can occur. 

SAP digitalization: How companies can keep up with the digital pioneers 

The conversion to S/4HANA should not hinder the achievement of business objectives. Neptune Software not only simplifies your migration, but it also helps unlock the full potential of an S/4HANA investment. Through adaptation and modernization of custom code in SAP Fiori apps, Neptune Software ensures investment security for SAP digitalization. Companies can continue creating business-critical customized Fiori apps in real-time without any degradation. Neptune DXP is a low-code, SAP-centric enterprise app development platform that supports SAP for maximum long-term efficiency. It leverages internal functionality and high service levels, ensuring business needs are met while SAP and non-SAP apps are developed and deployed in real-time. 

With Neptune Software, creating and maintaining SAP Fiori apps is sustainably simple and cost-effective. Micro-services and reports can be deployed quickly and at scale, embedded in an existing ABAP stack for zero IT footprint. SAP digitalization with Neptune DXP is also compatible with all major SAP versions, including SAP NetWeaver 7. X, as well as SAP S/4HANA and SAP BTP. On top of that, Neptune DXP’s low-code/no-code app development approach makes it possible to create SAP applications even with minimal programming skills – including the business side and departments in the process. And with a powerful software development engine under the hood, enterprise SAP digitalization can tackle the open road ahead by satisfying the high demand for in-house development despite the shortage of qualified developers.  

Enormous savings due to maximum efficiency, flexibility and mobility 

Experience data from Neptune Software users shows that companies can reduce development and software maintenance costs by up to 80 percent and the total cost of ownership by up to 65 percent compared to other solutions. Given all the positive experience data, conversion to S/4HANA from SAP in parallel with other SAP digitalization processes becomes much less intimidating.  

Innovation processes during the conversion to SAP S/4HANA can remain in flow. Custom code, even from obsolete technologies, can be modernized. Time and budget constraints, and internal know-how for API-based integration options can still be used. Lead times are shortened and complications in the SAP digitalization implementation roadmap are avoided. Additionally, modern apps can be flexibly deployed and used in On-Premise, Container, and Cloud Environments so that a future-proof and cost-effective IT infrastructure is created.  

For more than eleven years, the enterprise app development platform, Neptune DXP, has not just been a constant in Fiori app development but also a powerful support system for SAP digitalization and the optimization of business processes overall. More than 660 enterprise customers and over 3.5 million licensed end users trust Neptune Software to simplify SAP and non-SAP processes, create modern Fiori apps easily, convert to S/4HANA without stopping innovation, and go even beyond SAP. 

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