How Retailer Elkjøp Nordic gained a 20% Increase in Product Availability Through Better SAP Replenishment Planning

This is an overview post that references an SAP case study which highlights a Neptune Software customer’s use of Neptune DX Platform and module Planet 8 for a better SAP Replenishment solution.

After having renewed its IT systems, Elkjøp Nordic started using SAP in its core retail processes (e.g. SAP Replenishment application for automated replenishment and reordering). With a huge variety in product offering units, numbering close to 16,000, the challenge was to deploy automation in a very short timeline.

“The more automated this process, the better.  Our existing systems were no longer able to accommodate our growing requirements. We urgently needed to do something.” said Björn Dalen, Director of IT Systems and Operations at Elkjøp.

Automated Product Replenishment in Elkjøp Stores with Planet 8

Accurately planning product availability is the key for retailers today, as well as stock forecast and timing availability. Customers need to know when and how they can get a product they want to purchase. At Elkjøp, SAP Forecasting and Replenishment, and an HTML launchpad based on Neptune Software was the way to tackle this towards making the first steps towards digitization. There is a new ease with how store employees can look up orders and include other products into the store assortment which the system automatically includes for reordering.

The Neptune launchpad for forecasting and replenishment does more than the users expect, providing these new functionalities:

  • works with multiple apps at the same time with the Spilt View feature
  • adds fingerprint authentication
  • opens an SAPUI5 app in multiple instances that run parallel in the same system
  • automatically update apps on any mobile device when they are changed in the backend
  • houses and accesses non SAPUI5 based apps, such as Webdynpro, WebGUI Transactions, and URLs …

Forecasting and Replenishment at Elkjøp

“In this pilot phase, we saw that the solution was serving our requirements very well and that implementation was easier than expected,” said Dalen. Only three months later, they were able to roll out the solution across their entire enterprise. With Neptune, apps were created in just a short time, and this translated into saving the retailer an initial nine months in development time.

Elkjøp has rolled out the solution in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, and now also in Finland – impacting over 383 stores.

Acccording to Ronny Steng, Supply Chain Manager at Elkjøp, “The biggest automation enabled was actually activation of articles based on references.” About 60% of their orders in the distribution center are triggered by the new SAP Forecasting and Replenishment solution. “This approach enabled us to increase availability considerably – up to 20% for products with historically low availability,” notes Steng.

About Neptune Software / Module Planet 8:

Neptune Software’s module Planet 8 provides the most cost-efficient and secure way to make any SAP functionality seamlessly available in user-friendly app interfaces on phone, tablet, and desktop. As the only ABAP solution for SAP Fiori UX, Neptune Software helps enterprises build a strong foundation for business anywhere, anytime — maximizing the use of existing SAP set-ups and increasing ROI, while minimizing the need for integration and delivering low total cost of ownership.

Neptune Software is a certified SAP partner and the module Planet 8 from the Neptune DX Platform is an SAP-certified product that offers one solution for the complete application lifecycle.

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