Neptune Software + Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Neptune Software is a pioneer in enabling faster and more efficient development of business applications. Now Neptune introduces the possibility to buy Neptune DXP as a PaaS solution (Platform-as-a-Service). In short, Neptune DXP Cloud – Managed Environments makes it even faster and easier to quickly design, develop and roll out applications.

Neptune DXP Cloud – Managed Environments is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. For Neptune’s customers, this means that they can focus on building the applications that provide the greatest business value, while Neptune Software manages the PaaS solution running on infrastructure in Microsoft’s data centers.

“You do not need to have your own expertise in-house to run the infrastructure – we take care of that. Our customers can go into a portal that we have created, start up a server with Neptune DXP, and maintain the solution themselves. You get the flexibility to easily scale, without having to have a lot of IT expertise yourself”, says Ole-André Haugen, CTO of Neptune Software.

Neptune Software’s low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform digitizes and optimizes business processes and user interfaces. The platform gives IT professionals the tools to build the apps they need.

“A setup that can take 2-3 months to get approved and processed with internal IT in a large organization, can be set up in 3 minutes via Neptune DXP Cloud – Managed Environments”, says Haugen.

Ole Christian Smerud is Senior Partner Development Manager ISV at Microsoft Norway and says the partnership means that Microsoft can help Neptune’s customers get even more out of their investments.

“At Microsoft we think the partnership we have established on both the technical and commercial side with Neptune Software is very exciting. We have already won the first customer together, and we see great opportunities to enter the market together”, says Smerud.


Artificial intelligence turns drawings into applications

Andreas Grydeland Sulejewski, CEO of Neptune Software, explains that running on Azure has many other benefits other than just being a robust infrastructure for their solutions. Several Microsoft-developed services are built on top of the Azure platform – like services for security, identity, authentication, data analysis, artificial intelligence and much more. This means that Neptune does not have to develop everything from scratch by themselves and can get faster to market with new, innovative solutions for their customers.

As an example, Sulejewski mentions that the new Neptune DXP Cloud – Managed Environments solution makes it possible for people without developer skills to use pen and paper to draw a sketch of what the application should look like, take a picture of the drawing, and upload it. The drawing will then be turned into an application, which one can finish as easily as if it was a PowerPoint presentation.

This form of innovative solutions is something that would be very time consuming and complicated to achieve if Neptune had not been able to easily use some of the many ready-made services in the Azure platform.

“We do not have the same capacity and capabilities to create advanced solutions for artificial intelligence and image recognition as Microsoft. But we can build on what Microsoft has already made, refine it, and offer it in our solutions”, says Sulejewski.

Of course, an application also needs data sources, and then someone with more developer competence will support in finishing the application. However, a business developer often knows what data sources an application needs and may have had these data sources made available in advance so that they can design the application themself.

Clear differentiator

Neptune DXP Cloud – Managed Environments is available via Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and is thus easily accessible to Microsoft customers who want to utilize the solution. It also makes it much easier to buy the service for businesses that may already have a customer relationship with Microsoft.

When the new Managed Environments solution was under development, Neptune considered all the major cloud providers.

“When we got all the facts on the table, the choice was quite simple. Other providers were not able to showcase real-life examples and business value like Microsoft did. This was a clear differentiator”, says Sulejewski.

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