How an electricity producer in Portugal tackled complex operational processes and reduced risk

Electricity SAP Mobile App

Electricidades dos Açores (EDA) partners with Neptune Software to create an all-in-one electricity SAP mobile app that streamlined processes and increased daily productivity and efficiency.

Electricidade dos Açores S.A (EDA) is a major producer and distributor of electricity in the Azores Archipelago (Portugal) and an important driver of local development.

Electricidade dos Açores S.A (EDA) was facing complex operational processes that led to work inefficiency and difficult communication workflow. Then they decided to partner with Neptune Software to meet its aggressive mobility goals and tackle their business obstacles once and for all with an all-in-one electricity SAP mobile app.

The results:

  • Increased the efficiency of its teams by reducing the time needed to perform and complete tasks
  • Increased information availability needed to perform tasks
  • Updating of online data which allows management to have a greater and better quality of information to make decisions
  • Reduction of errors during the input process
  • Reduction of training time for field teams
  • Reduction of paper consumption
  • Enabled a faster and more informed decision-making process

About Electricidades dos Açores (EDA)

Electricidades dos Açores has a focus on the production, acquisition, transport, distribution and sale of electricity, as well as the provision of other ancillary services, complementary or related to those activities.

EDA is working with our global strategic partner Zebra Technologies on their development and implementation of projects.

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EDA Electricity



  • Duarte Ponte, Chairman at Board of Directors at EDA
  • Mauro Martins, Regional Manager at Neptune Software
  • Miguel Rebelo de Sousa, Senior Sales Account Manager at Axians
  • Ricardo Teixeira, Territory Manager at Zebra Technologies
  • Luís Vieira, Integration Team Leader at EDA

Key Takeaway:

  • Reduction of training time, paper consumption and errors
  • Increase in work efficiency and information availability
  • Better quality of information and workflow
  • Created an electricity SAP mobile app

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