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Replacing Web Dynpro Applications with Fiori Apps – is that possible?

Web Dynpro Applications have been the standard for the development of front-end applications within the SAP system for many years. An important criterion when deciding on surface technology is the flexible use for the end user. Today, the tool of choice for accessing modern, especially mobile, applications is usually the browser. It is a very simple principle – a browser is available on every computer, even on mobile devices. With Web Dynpro Applications, SAP has created a good way of moving processes or individual process steps for the user to the browser. Thus, even users with less process experience could directly enter data or gain access to data.

But what about mobile solutions in the SAP environment?

If you look at Web Dynpro Applications, you can see that they are usually developed in ABAP and are therefore directly integrated in SAP and are also connected to the process without middleware.

With ever-increasing mobile user requirements, enterprises today, not just want to, but  must also consider the mobilization of existing and new processes. Even though Web Dynpro Applications work in the browser, they are far from being true mobile applications.

  • Adaptation to different screen sizes, as is standard for smartphones and tablets today, cannot be implemented satisfactorily.
  • Applications do not look the same as in the browser and some interface elements do not work at all.
  • Offline scenarios are not possible at all.

This means that developers have to look for an alternative development solution that can mobilize existing in-house developments as quickly and easily as possible. In short – replace existing Web Dynpro Applications with modern, mobile Fiori apps and its lean UI, along with great UX.

The Neptune Digital Experience (DX) Platform offers a lean and efficient way to make existing applications and processes fit for mobile scenarios directly within the SAP environment. Unlike conventional SAP development (SAPGUI, Web Dynpro, etc.), the Neptune DX Platform uses the modern SAPUI5 for interface development. SAPUI5 is the technical framework behind the so-called Fiori applications and offers extensive possibilities for front-end design. These applications are already responsive and react to the respective device resolutions.

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A last question to ask though is, what do you do with your existing Web Dynpro Applications or SAPGUI transactions?

As an alternative Fiori development platform and SAP certified add-on, Neptune Software offers a unique possibility to connect data directly from existing ABAP classes and BAPI modules to a Neptune Fiori App. No additional infrastructure is required. All ABAP classes are developed directly within your SAP environment in SE24/SE80.

You can use this enhancement option in your development to create modern Fiori applications directly within the ABAP Workbench using the Drag & Drop-based Neptune Application Designer and connect existing custom-developed solutions, for example using existing ABAP classes.

Old, outdated, browser-based Web Dynpro Applications can now quickly turn into modern, mobile, intuitive Fiori Apps – running in the browser or even offline on a mobile device. To make it even shorter – YES! It’s all possible… with the Neptune DX Platform and its module Planet 8.

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About the Author:


Patrick Peper is the Partner Sales Manager for Neptune Software in Germany.

Patrick brings 11 years of experience in selling technical products, including SAP Add-On products. With the knowledge he has brought to various technologies, solutions and industries so far, he has a very good overview of today’s SAP market, both from a sales and technical point of view.

Key Takeaways:

  • Web Dynpro Applications are far from being true mobile applications
  • Developers have to look for an alternative development solution that can mobilize existing in-house developments
  • Using modern SAPUI5 for interface development
  • Connect data directly from existing ABAP classes and BAPI modules to a Neptune Fiori App

To read this article in German, please click here.

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