What is coming from Neptune Software – June 2017

At this year’s Neptune UX Summit, CEO Andreas G. Sulejewski gave insights on Neptune Software’s current journey and successes. Also, with the release of the latest Support Package 3, we introduced many exciting new features and functionalities for mobile app development. Hear CTO Ole-André Haugen announce what is now available to all our Neptune customers. Don’t miss out on what is coming your way!

And we are not just talking about a new mobile app development product update that includes oData integration with offline functionality to help you pull in non-SAP data sources like Microsoft and Salesforce while including a new drag and drop web designer, a launchpad like no other, and a lot more. We are also talking about a new planet that will open up the platform to non-SAP customers… intrigued?

More on Support Package 3 here.


  • Neptune Software


  • Andreas G. Sulejewski, CEO at Neptune Software
  • Ole-Andre Haugen, CTO & Co-founder at Neptune Software

Topics Covered:

  • Neptune Software Successes
  • Support Package 3, oData, Web Designer
  • Planet 9 / Cloud Foundry

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