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Most companies today are still working with processes in their supply chains that are 15 to 20 years old. When technology is rapidly changing, organizations are left with decreased productivity compared to the competition. Watch this short video and learn how investing in a low-code rapid application development platform (like Neptune DXP) can allow your organization to develop and implement user-friendly apps fast, all helping to reduce management time, save money by going paperless, and ensure real-time visibility over all processes allowing for immediate changes when needed.

10 Reasons to rely on Neptune when it comes to low-code supply chain app development:

  1. Easier and quicker app development with low-code/no-code tools. 
  2. Ability to address inefficient plant maintenance processes and adapt to more efficient systems which is critical to your industry in keeping up with employee and customer demands. 
  3. Streamline supply chain processes and overcome SAP challenges at the same time.
  4. Apps can transform legacy SAP or asset management processes and help your company to easily eliminate paper and automate manual tasks.
  5. Employees must be empowered with efficient internal systems that run smoothly no matter what, whether online or offline. 
  6. Lack of modernization [not having digital solutions] slows down your teams, preventing them from doing their best work on site.
  7. Legacy systems like SAP ERP can hinder growth and efficiency. Neptune helps to overcome that and still make use of your earlier SAP investment.
  8. Demands for IT increase, it’s essential to find new ways to optimize operations and empower both your business key users and IT teams, to work smarter, not harder.
  9. The traditional approach of building apps from scratch [especially for custom SAP Fiori apps] with complex code can be time-consuming and expensive with no fast ROI.
  10. You can create a sustainable and maintainable digital future built on efficiency and performance.
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