AI-Assisted Development with Naia™ - the
Neptune AI Assistant

Watch this short video and learn about AI-assisted development with Naia™ - the Neptune AI assistant

AI-assisted development is a game changer when it is comes to developer productivity. By introducing AI within app development, Naia becomes your trusted companion in the world of no-code and low-code app development. With Naia, IT teams can harness the power of AI to automate common development tasks, making app development more efficient,  and making it accessible to a broader range of individuals by accelerating the learning journey of new developers.

With Naia by your side, you’re not just developing apps easier, you’re crafting solutions with unmatched efficiency. Naia’s integration with Neptune DXP brings about a multitude of instant benefits and productivity enhancements, reshaping how developers use, learn, and interact with the platform.

  • Immediate user enablement content at your finger tips
  • Faster skill development
  • Get it right on the first try
  • No language barrier

Naia isn’t just riding the wave of AI excitement; Naia is leading the charge in enterprise app development, bringing unprecedented ease and making developers’ lives easier.

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