Custom Application Services and API Integration

At TER-ART we build modern and scalable solutions to fuel your business growth. Our expertise is building user-friendly legacy applications, e-commerce solutions, and any other types of web and business solutions, customized to fit your needs. We take pride in implementing the latest trends in design technology and methodology into our client’s product in order to achieve every one of our client’s goals.

Web Development

Website development and maintenance are critical to maintaining a strong digital presence. We work hard to develop close business relationships with all of our clients in order to understand and meet their needs in the development phase, as well as the ongoing efforts to maintain their solutions as efficiently as possible, so that our clients can focus on their core business, instead of worrying about unnecessary technical issues.


Direct communication and collaboration between TER-ART and your team members is something we always support and suggest, so that we are able to provide guidance in developing long-term and short-term project development, branding strategies, and set a foundation for future expansion or your services with our organization.

Dekoracyjna 3, 65-155 Zielona Gora, Poland

Wojciech Terpilowski
Email: terart@terart.pl
Phone: 0048 501437601