SUIM Neptune Partner

SUIM – Simplifying Complexity

Founded in 2006, SUIM is a Swiss company with an impressive track record in consulting and implementing its SAP-certified solutions for large and medium-sized private and public sector clients. 

Our team of experienced SAP consultants use Neptune Software UX Platform as an accelerator for user interfaces, ensuring clients have speedy and secure access to their processes from their desktop and mobile devices.

SUIM’s own Authorization and Identity Management (AIM) is an SAP-certified solution suite that optimizes the creation, management and risk compliance of authorization and identity processes.

SUIM products run in client operations in over 20 countries around the world. Our consultants work mostly with medium and large companies, including some of Switzerland’s biggest employers.

Visit our website or call us to explore how SUIM can optimize your processes with Neptune Software solutions.


Using Neptune Software UX Platform across a range of processes in our…

  • Identity Management
  • Emergency Handling
  • Authorizations Management
  • Workflows
  • Provisioning
  • Licence Optimization
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Application Tracing
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance




Patrick Tambourgi

Chemin du Marguery 15
1802 Corseaux, Switerland