RSR International BV

RSR International BV

RSR (Rapid Solutions & Resourcing) international focuses on two major areas: Solutions and Resourcing.  We believe these are the most critical elements in terms of successful adoption of information technology within modern organizations.

Rapid Solutions, We focus on supplying organizations with solutions that are already live, proven and bug-free. The solutions we have in the market are also selected from a rapid implementation point of view. This approach minimizes the budget requirements as well as both internal and external resource efforts. As RSR International we are continuously assessing this type of solutions, which we believe can serve multiple customers. Our team consists of Account Managers and Product Development Managers, who have extensive experience not only in Product Development, but also with the SAP AG certification process. This expertise helps us to select the best products for our clients.

Rapid Resourcing, We match rapidly, but carefully, expert resources from our extensive international network of IT consultants, mainly from The Netherlands, UK, Turkey and the Middle East. These consultants are experts in their field, very capable to support our clients to reach their project goal. Their Best Practice knowledge and experience is also a crucial factor in efficient process design.

Newtonlaan 115
3584 BH Utrecht, Netherlands
+31 30 – 210 6456

Contact Person:
Serdar Kabasakal
phone: +31 647 15 75 06