A comprehensive extended warehouse management solution for SAP

Mygo Consulting Partner Solution, an out-of-the-box EWM solution for SAP that’s affordable, fast, and makes it easy to go mobile

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Mygo Consulting's out-of-the-box Partner Solution with Neptune DXP



Moving to SAP’s extended warehouse management (EWM) platform can be complex. Adopting mobile processes is strategically important and has to happen quickly, while not being too costly.



Mygo Consulting’s comprehensive, nxEWM mobile solution built on the Neptune DX Platform makes it easy.

Mygo offers an affordable solution, delivered fast, that can scale and be customized to meet your enterprise warehouse needs.



Go digital and mobile to get the increased productivity and efficiency you need to compete in today’s always changing landscape.

The solution is simple, intuitive, and fast to implement with increased adoption and a 95% reduction in training costs.

Mygo Consulting Partner Solution Key Takeaways

  • Over 500 mobile apps developed using the Neptune DX Platform
  • 13 apps for EWM
  • Able to develop complex mobile apps in less than a month
  • 2016 Neptune Software channel partner of the year in North America
  • Neptune Software premier Gold Partner

Challenge: Keeping operations in peak condition means digitizing and mobilizing, affordably.

Many SAP-centric enterprises today are shifting to extended warehouse management while seeking to drive their mobility strategies rapidly forward. Digitizing and going mobile is key to helping a modern warehouse keep its operations in peak condition and stay competitive during unpredictable times.

With SAP warehouse management slated to be sunsetted in 2027, enterprises have good reason to evolve to SAP’s Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). And organizations that have not yet automated their warehouse management processes are also feeling pressure to streamline and simplify their operations. Making those processes easier and more efficient using mobile solutions tops the strategic list.

Still, building mobile capabilities into EWM using Fiori can be complex and brings a large learning curve for ABAP developers. And making the switch to mobile can be expensive. With Mygo Consulting’s extended warehouse management apps, this switch can be easy and affordable.

Solution: Putting mobility in the driver’s seat for SAP EWM

Mygo Consulting’s nxEWM solution takes EWM mobile. nxEWM covers the complete RF/EWM process, from creating delivery and goods receipts to consumption and receiving. With a series of mobile apps that make it easy for warehouse teams to complete their daily tasks, including putaway, packing and repacking, picking, loading, ad hoc bin to bin, physical inventory, and more, nxEWM is digitizing, mobilizing and transforming modern warehouse management and operations.

Using Neptune Software’s DX Platform, Mygo has developed over 500 mobile apps for its clients, dramatically increasing end-user efficiency and productivity. The end-to-end mobile EWM apps are built on the proven Neptune Software platform, with 2.5 million licensed users and 500 clients.

We start with a solution that is mostly prebuilt, and we can build out the rest according to the unique needs of the enterprise. This, along with the modularized low-code approach available with Neptune Software, means we only need to make minimal modifications and we’re able to deliver mobile capabilities fast,” says Mauricio Grossi, Director, Sales & Marketing at Mygo Consulting. “Typically, this is challenging to do when just using standard SAP Fiori. With Neptune Software, we’ve been able to bridge that gap.”

“Typically, choices for using an SAP EWM out-of-the-box solution are fairly limited, even with SAP S/4HANA. The options have included using ITS Mobile, which lacks a sophisticated, modern interface, or S/4 EWM Fiori, which comes with usability gaps,” says Mauricio. “That’s why we’ve had such an overwhelming reaction from customers who have seen our solution with Neptune Software – it’s simple, intuitive and fast to implement.”

Since 2011, Mygo Consulting has provided SAP-centric consulting, support, staffing, and training services for SAP customers, both remotely and on-site. Affordable, high quality solutions are their specialty. That’s just one reason the company was named a Neptune Software channel partner of the year in North America in 2016 and is a Neptune Software premier gold partner.

Results: Easy mobility, greater visibility, granularity into operations

The Mygo EWM solution has been implemented in several large enterprises across North America, including Array Technologies, Inc., Exxon Mobil and T. Marzetti Food Company.

“When it comes to warehousing, the processes are fairly similar everywhere, so we aim to keep the solution standardized when possible. Still, each of these organizations have different environments, with some of them being on older versions of SAP ECC, or newer S/4HANA, some hosting their platform on-premise, or in the cloud,” says Mauricio.

“We’re proud to say we’ve had successful deployments with all of them, and they’ve been able to reap the benefits of mobile, eliminating paper and manual errors in the warehouse, while increasing productivity and efficiency.”

In fact, one of Mygo’s customers was quoted saying, “This solution is darn amazing. I’m surprised this solution isn’t more well known in the market, for anyone with EWM it’s a no-brainer.”

With Neptune Software, user experience is always top of mind. The solutions that Mygo develops are so intuitive and easy to use, customers have been able to essentially eliminate expensive training. Users can just log on to their preferred device, and get to work, whether they’re working online or offline.

“With roles-based processes that take advantage of mobile-native capabilities, like cameras, push notifications, GPS, and more, our mobile SAP EWM solution is a real game-changer from traditional, transaction-based tools.”

And that’s exactly where the big productivity gains happen. Not only are you eliminating inefficient manual processes, by standardizing efforts on a mobile platform, enterprises gain more granularity and visibility at the user and operational level, making it doubly beneficial.

What do customers say?

Take T. Marzetti Food Company, for example. Working with Mygo, the company implemented end-to-end mobile extended warehouse management, from goods receipt to goods issue, on Zebra handheld devices and tablets in less than six months, resulting in an incredible increase of efficiency, productivity and user satisfaction.

All nxEWM customers have seen similar improvements in their warehouse including up to 95% reduction in training cost and efforts due to the greatly simplified UI.One user simply responded, “I know how to use smartphones.”

Array Technologies is another satisfied customer that, thanks to their commitment to standard processes, was able to complete the full implementation in just two months.

Moving forward, Mygo and Neptune Software will continue to work closely together to bring warehouse management, digital supply chain, and other mobile solutions to life for enterprises across the globe.

“We start with a solution that is mostly prebuilt, and with the modularized low-code approach available with Neptune Software…we’re able to deliver mobile capabilities fast.”

-Mauricio Grossi, Director, Sales & Marketing, Mygo Consulting

About Mygo Consulting

Mygo ConsultingMygo Consulting is a boutique SAP partner company that specializes in enterprise mobility and supply chain.

Mygo Consulting began in 2011 by offering tailor-made solutions for clients in the Food & Beverage industry. As there was no industry specific solution in this domain from SAP, Mygo filled this gap & helped its customers gain efficiency by empowering their end users with streamlined, intuitive workflows. Learn more at https://mygoconsulting.com/

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Neptune Software is a rapid application development platform vendor with more than 600 enterprise customers and over 3 million licensed end users globally that empowers IT departments to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Neptune Software offers with its Neptune DXP, a leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease. Neptune DXP provides a fast and cost-effective way to industrialize the development of custom applications – saving companies time and money on development, integration, and operations.


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