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3 Reasons why Your SAP On-Premise System is Bursting with Power

Medium-sized companies often use different software for different tasks. Isolated solutions, however, always have disadvantages. Integrated standard software such as SAP is a better choice in the long run, but companies do not necessarily have to go all-in on the cloud right-away. Established SAP On-Premise Systems, hastily condemned as ‘Legacy Systems’ in the course of ‘SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud’, celebrate their second spring or a second coming if you will.

In this whitepaper we cover the 3 reasons why your SAP On-Premise systems still have a lot of power left to give:

1. Business Processes


3. Fiori UX

SAP has become successful due to is globally reaching standard software. However, the challenge for many companies arises when they deviate greatly from this standard over the years, as their on-premise systems are deeply embedded in value-adding business processes and ensures stability and transparency at the expense of complexity. Download this whitepaper and explore how your SAP On-Premise strategy and its projects are bursting with power and can get you ready for the SAP S/4HANA strategies to come (at your pace).

About the author:

Christoph Garms Circle headerChristoph Garms
Managing Director at Neptune Software Germany

Christoph is part of the interface between development and sales at Neptune Software. His team assists partners and customers from their first demo to implementation, to onboarding and expert training workshops. This experience gives Christoph a unique perspective to strongly support all Fiori development projects based on the Neptune DX platform.

There is almost no question he cannot answer, or problems staying unsolved – just give it a try.

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