Customer Success: The future of enterprise mobile applications at Vodafone

Giacomo Morittu CoE Mobility and Usability Manager at Vodafone Group shares the choice of Neptune Software as their UX development platform for desktop and mobility worldwide. He takes you through his experience with the enterprise mobile applications they have rolled out: “And then finally Neptune came and solved one of our biggest problems” allowing them to deliver a “Ready Business” model to their employees, using their ERP system, EVO SAP, across 27 countries and the different time zones.


  • Vodafone Group


  • Giacomo Morittu, CoE Mobility and Usability Manager at Vodafone

Key Takeaway:

  • +50,000 connections across 27 different applications
  • 47 apps created including mobile & desktop
  • NSS app recorded over 1 million transactions within 6 months

Topics Covered:

  • Telecommunications
  • ERP
  • UX
  • HR

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