Move your PoS to the cloud and cut OpEx by 75%

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Point of Sale: Innovation Asset or Liability?

Bridging digital and in-store systems is a crucial aspect to many retailers strategy, and at the center of that you will usually find a Point of Sales system. But all POS systems aren’t created equally. And with it about to enter the high-performance league, this paper puts the case for a ’thin’ cloud-based PoS system, as a way of driving innovation, improving operations, unifying in-store and online experience — and cutting costs.

Using Scandinavian furniture retailer, Bohus as a case study, the paper shows how a cloud-PoS can integrate with existing systems for a master view of all your data. And with the retail market changing like never before, this means responding ahead of the competition to deliver more value to customers. For Bohus, this was not only a shot in the arm for its business performance, but it also cut its operational costs by a massive 75%.

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing systems and applications
  • Provides a single source of master data to drive innovation
  • Reduces OpEx costs by as much as 75%

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