Hitachi Rail Europe transforms IT & Supply Chain with new business critical apps

Since Hitachi Rail Europe moved their SAP app development and management to Neptune Software and its Neptune DX Platform,  IT is sleeping better. Their mobile platform is not at risk anymore and they can focus on growing their business the right way.  And in their own words, “Having Neptune has made my job easier and taken away a massive headache. It’s a big win for us.”

Watch how Hitachi Rail Europe improved and automated its SAP driven business with over 20 new business critical apps using Fiori UX from Neptune Software.

About Hitachi Rail

Hitachi Rail is a fully integrated, global provider of rail solutions across rolling stock, signaling, service & maintenance, digital technology and turnkey. With a presence in 38 countries across three continents and over 12,000 employees, their mission is to contribute to society through the continuous development of superior rail transport solutions.

Other relevant topics:

Plant Maintenance
mobile warehouse



  • Simon Harrison, Head of IT at Hitachi Rail Europe
  • David Bartolome, SAP Application Consultant at Hitachi Rail

Key Takeaway:

  • Fixed original distribution issues and have automated their factory process
  • Build, Manage and Maintain over 120 trains for the UK with new app platform
  • Any developer at Hitachi Rail is now able to build an app in minutes

Topics Covered:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • SAP App Development
  • Supply Chain
  • Mobility

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