Becour does Cloud Development | Neptune DXP Cloud Success Story

Cloud Development

Green energy pioneer, Becour, does low-code cloud app development with just a click.

Becour needed a cloud development platform that would be easily accessible, stable and flexible, future proof and scale at pace with the company’s growth.


As a start-up and tech company the most important requirement was that the development platform of choice had to provide as many of the tools required for rapid application development as possible. Due to the nature of their business, the platform needed to be able to integrate to various internal systems whilst also being able to connect to external platforms via API. This includes government agencies and utility providers etc.

Becour was familiar with Neptune Software and its original offering for SAP customers, having used it to great effect previously. Therefore, it was a natural decision to leverage Neptune Software’s cloud service when the time was right.


Becour, as a company, started almost at the same time as the Neptune DXP – Open Edition was first released. Before introducing their product that would run on Neptune DXP Cloud, they first spent some time on development and piloting in the market, followed by starting to promote these pilots and then migrating into the final production system.

After rigorous testing and feedback, Becour had the confidence to do all development on Neptune DXP – porting everything into Neptune DXP – Open Edition on AWS. With the introduction of Neptune DXP Cloud in 2020, they were among the first wave of pilot customers to utilize Neptune DXP Cloud. As such, Becour has closely collaborated with Neptune Software to validate key concepts and provide feedback & suggestions for continuous improvement leading up to the GA (general availability) version.

With the public launch of Neptune DXP Cloud, Becour was one of the first Neptune DXP Cloud customers which led to the successful launch of their product – Marbly* – in early May 2021.

Cloud App Development

*Companies documenting the renewable origin of their energy consumption need a transparent way to manage their portfolio, contracts, and consumption. To meet this need, Becour developed Marbly Portfolio. It is designed to help companies manage renewable energy portfolios in a simple and credible way. The service enables you to see and monitor your company’s renewable energy consumption sites globally. It is an intuitive platform, providing easy access to all the data you need, in one place – visualized with interactive maps and charts. More at:

Cloud App Development

With Neptune DXP Cloud customers can turn their IT departments into agile application factories that rapidly deliver predictable business outcomes – without having to worry about the technical complexity of operating a modern enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure.

Neptune Software’s DevOps experts operate the underlying cloud infrastructure on behalf of customers ensuring business continuity, so that customers can focus on developing differentiating custom apps.

An important aspect for Becour is that the company continues to iterate all the time to improve their offering and meet changing customer demands and with Neptune DXP Cloud they have the perfect toolbox to do just that. They can be customer centric and can collaborate with their customers while they are developing at the same time. There is no need to focus on operating a cloud, instead Becour can focus on the operating value providing tasks.

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Becour – Green Energy

As a pioneer in the emerging green energy market, Becour proposes new solutions to the EAC market (Energy Attribute Certificate market, in short, “green energy” market, market for Guarantees of Origin). Becour connects corporate energy buyers and producers of renewable energy directly. Becour does it in an innovative way that differentiates them from the competition by leveraging technology to provide a great customer experience.

How did Neptune DXP support Becour in its cloud development journey?

  • Through easy implementation
  • Easy system administration
  • Superior customer support & responsiveness (trusted vendor)
  • Providing a flexible solution at a transparent & predictable cost
  • Low-risk investment in a critical start-up phase
  • Supporting the customer’s need for rapid development and proof-of-concepts
  • Making it possible to run all the core business systems on Neptune DXP Cloud

To read the case study in German, please click here

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