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    Gruppo Montenegro digitizes and streamlines trade promotion management process

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    Hitachi Rail Europe transforms IT & Supply Chain with new business critical apps

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    New Zealand Defence revolutionizes how the military does business

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B2B Customer Service App

Company: Birkenstock - Format: Video

Birkenstock, the German footwear manufacturer, has developed a mobile order processing application and is boosting its B2B customer service levels. In this video, Kay Schmickler, Web Applications Specialist gives a hands-on demonstration of the application’s functionality.

Zebra Mobile Devices

Company: DUCIT - Format: Video

Zebra Technologies & Neptune Software partner again in a new Success Case: DUCIT, a Stock Conveyor company that needed to integrate SAP Fiori applications with Zebra offline mobile devices.

Strategic Development Platform

Company: Melchers - Format: Paper

Melchers faced the challenge to introduce a new process that would ensure a continuous flow of information between suppliers, warehouse staff and the internal sales team. Read how thanks to a Strategic Development Platform their IT in-house team made it possible.

Time Management Process

Company: Mercury - Format: Paper

Mercury streamlines time management processes on construction sites with highly customized end-user mobile solutions that show users a friendly way to perfectly keep job site crews and progress under control, with no delay in data access.

Mobilized Maintenance Workforce

Company: Fonterra - Format: Video

Fonterra, the 5th largest dairy provider in the world, shows us how Neptune technology enables you to beat the cost curve and tackle innovation heads on with a Mobilized Maintenance Workforce.

Enterprise SAP Portal

Company: Open Grid Europe - Format: Paper

Read how one of the biggest natural gas transmission system operators in Europe developed over 200 apps in less than 5 months, and created efficient, secure, and modern ways to take advantage of future-oriented UI in the process

a mobile ERP solution

Company: Interseroh - Format: Video

See how Interseroh designs and develops innovative enterprise applications within logistics. A mobile ERP solution in your hands with scanners built for their ERP/ECC system.


Company: Sotheby's - Format: Video

Watch this short video on how Sotheby’s is using the Neptune DX Platform’s offline capabilities to allow art handlers and technicians to perform their jobs in an uninterrupted fashion. Even going into areas where there’s no WiFi coverage at all.

voice controlled rugged glasses

Company: Infraserv Höechst - Format: Video

Leveraging the Neptune Software DX Platform, Infraserv was able to move a step beyond just using smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android, but was able to finally implement apps that run on voice controlled rugged glasses

Digital Supply Chain

Company: Johnson & Johnson - Format: Video

Neptune Software’s low-code development platform can solve the challenges of an entire digital ecosystem. Watch how Johnson & Johnson is embracing innovation to create complex apps creating a digital supply chain with Neptune Software.

Inventory Management

Company: Forsvaret - Format: Video

Norwegian Military shows how they optimize logistic & handling processes for soldiers’ equipment with a new, intuitive self-service kiosk running on SAP & Neptune Software.

Noble Cause Bloodmates

Company: Bloodmates - Format: Video

The noble cause Bloodmates works free of charge around the year, operating only by a Facebook group and social media outreach. Since its inception in 2016, Bloodmates have been able to tap 3,500 regular donors and 150 donors in the area, and this database has been the backbone of Bloodmates – and with a little help of an app powered by Neptune Software.

ERP System

Company: Statkraft - Format: Paper

In this case study, we share how the international renewable energy provider creates “a mini ERP system for your pocket”, simplifying SAP user experience & delivering mobile capabilities to over 600 employees – across devices and operating systems.

modernizing sap operations

Company: U.S. Sugar - Format: Video

US Sugar implemented Mobile and Offline ready Neptune applications in a month and are now streamlining equipment maintenance in the field and traceability improvements for their processing plants.

SAP Mobile Apps

Company: Interseroh - Format: Paper

Read how Interseroh’s empowered ABAP team digitized its Supply Chain, delivering a fast, mobile experience to delight customers and employees with SAP Mobile Apps for HCM & Logistics for their ERP / ECC System.

Company: Vygruppen (VY) - Format: Paper

The Norwegian Railway Services explains how they got more accurate reporting, faster response times to close the loop on maintenance, and frees up teams to focus on a competitive future.

vattenfall plant maintenance

Company: Vattenfall - Format: Paper

Read how Vattenfall is tackling rapid expansion with a unified mobile interface, improved information flow, and
streamlined and predictive SAP-based projects and maintenance processes

choosing the right low-code platform

Company: Eastman Chemical - Format: Video

How choosing the right low-code platform can help overcome plant maintenance obstacles. Watch how Eastman Chemical is embracing innovation to create complex apps with Neptune Software.

Company: Colorificio Sammarinese - Format: Video

Watch how Colorificio Sammarinese, an industrial paint company, provided their sales reps with business apps that are multi-platform, easily integrated with SAP, mobile ready and can run offline, and able to handle and synchronize a lot of data offline…including SAP SD order pricing simulations. All with Neptune Software.

Company: Ebmpapst - Format: Paper

EBM Papst Group created a 360º view of their customers to enhance their SAP CRM functions, as well as reuse the existing SAP business logic to tackle the more complex challenge of synchronization, even before SAP C/4HANA.