Neptune Software releases No Code Toolset for Enterprises

No Code Toolset Release

Oslo, March 9th, 2021 – The demand on the business side for digital solutions is exceeding its corporate IT supply negatively impacting a company’s business agility. As the need for digitization and evolution grows across industries, Neptune Software, a global player in the low code, rapid app development platform market, has announced to extend their product’s capabilities with a No Code toolset to help enterprises accelerate digital transformation and facilitate growth. Neptune Software’s No Code toolset release keeps IT departments in the driver’s seat while empowering all employees to build new applications and workflows using easy-to-use, ready-made application building blocks.

Neptune Software’s DX Platform has a proven track record of making enterprise IT teams more productive, allowing them to rapidly develop and roll-out mission-critical business solutions at scale. With the addition of the No Code toolset, enterprise IT teams can now also empower businesspeople outside of IT to build their own apps for everyday tasks in an easy-to-use fashion, while staying productive and focused on mission critical projects.

“Complexity is the enemy of No Code. To get it right you need to find the right balance between ease-of-use, creativity and flexibility. Our approach centers around the concept of using modular, ready-made components to facilitate rapid app development by citizen developers.said Matthias Steiner, CPO at Neptune Software. “API definitions, app templates, UX components, scripts, business rules, all these development artifacts are provided as ‘application building blocks’ that can be easily used to compose new business applications.”

With this comprehensive No Code toolset release added to its digital experience platform (Neptune DX Platform), Oslo-based Neptune Software continues to pioneer the convergence of No Code, Low Code and Pro Code platforms for enterprise IT, especially those with SAP-dominated system landscapes. It is about connecting and enabling the interplay between these different development approaches. Utilizing pre-built and reusable development components any employee can solve many of their everyday obstacles, and Neptune Software’s unique approach ensures that business apps developed with the No Code toolset do adhere to corporate IT requirements preventing ‘shadow IT’ and ensuring a company-wide governance model for all apps.

“Based on our findings from analyzing 1000s of apps being developed with the Neptune DX Platform, we were able to identify the most common usage scenarios and matching application blueprints, which we converted into ‘adaptive templates.’ In simple terms: adaptive templates are a set of common application archetypes that can be connected to various data sources and then further customized to fine-tune behavior and look & feel – no coding background required.” says Ole-André Haugen, CTO at Neptune Software.

Enterprises need to rapidly develop and deploy IT solutions at scale. With the introduction of application building blocks and adaptive templates to its digital experience platform, Neptune Software’s customers will be able to be more efficient, and more easily meet their business challenges. No Code reduces dependencies to the IT team, decreases time constraints and helps IT departments to better prioritize existing workload. A thought-out solution for enterprise developers by enterprise developers. Neptune Software’s No Code solution doesn’t aim to replace Low Code or Pro Code – but to complement it – giving enterprises IT teams the competitive advantage their company needs for true digitization.

Fast facts

-Neptune Software’s enterprise No Code toolset empowers employees outside of IT to build day-to-day apps while ensuring IT stays in the driver seat.

-The new No Code toolset complements the existing Low Code capabilities strengthening Neptune Software’s mission of bridging business and IT.

About Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a rapid application development platform vendor with more than 650 enterprise customers and over 3.5 million licensed end users globally. Their mission: empower IT departments to drive business results.

Neptune Software’s leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform – Neptune DXP – digitizes and optimizes business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease. The platform gives IT professionals the right tools to build the apps they need.

Neptune DXP provides a fast, cost-effective, and future-proof way to industrialize the development of custom applications, turning your IT organization into an app factory, saving time and money on development, integration, and operations.

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