Zalaris chooses Neptune Software for its 100,000 users

Neptune Software has already developed a prototype for Zalaris’ customers. Through this solution managers can approve time and travel expenses, and all users have access to their own paycheck through an app.

– An app makes our web-based processes more accessible to users while being environmentally friendly and cost saving as it reduces consumption of paper and postage, says Hans-Petter Mellerud, CEO Zalaris.

– The main reason for choosing Neptune Software as a strategic partner is the company’s expertise and software for developing SAP user interface. Their development tool enables solutions that make SAP applications more user-friendly and intuitive – accessed through smartphones and tablets. We believe this gives Zalaris a strengthened market position and enhances our customer offerings in competition with others, says Mellerud.

Today’s workers are used to easy and user-friendly apps. The purpose of the apps planned developed is to offer customers services and apps with the same ease of use via mobile or tablet as they are used as private consumers.

-This is an exciting deal for us! Zalaris has over the last 10 years achieved a strong market position in the Nordic region and we are proud to be a partner and supplier to them. We cooperate in the development of user friendly and intuitive mobile applications. We know that the there is a demand for such solutions from both existing and new customers of Zalaris, says Ole-Andre Haugen, CEO of Neptune Software.


About Zalaris
Zalaris is a Nordic company that delivers innovative and cost effective HR, personnel and payroll processes to Nordic and international businesses – Human Capital Management (HCM). It includes outsourcing and operation services of payroll and administrative personnel processes, in addition to, consultancy services on introducing SAP HR and personnel services. This enables the customer’s human resources department to focus on strategic personnel work, such as resource planning and competency and organizational development. Zalaris’ services utilize web based solutions from SAP and SuccessFactors.

Zalaris currently has 100 + customers and more than 100,000 end-users. They have service centers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania, as well as offshore service center in India. Zalaris is headquartered in Oslo and has 310 employees.

Zalaris’ goal is to help customers maximize the value of their human capital by excellence in all HR processes.

About Neptune Software AS
Neptune Software is a Norwegian software company that has developed the Neptune Application Designer (NAD). With Neptune Application Designer, SAP customers are free to design user interface and easily connect business logic from its back-end SAP system. The company is headquartered in Oslo, has an office in Hamburg and will open an office in Silicon Valley, USA, in 2013. Today the company has 17 resellers in 11 countries and about 20 customers.

Neptune Software is a “SAP Solution and Technology Partner” and Neptune Application Designer is SAP certified “SAP Add-on”.

 more information contact:

Hans-Petter Mellerud
CEO, Zalaris HR Services
Telefon: +47 928 97 276

Ole-Andre Haugen
Co-Founder & CEO, Neptune Software
Telefon: +47 908 46 995