IBP application add-ons “address the gray space” and transform supply chain network

WCS Consulting Partner Solution transforms your supply chain network balancing, forecast netting, replenishment, and allocation processes that integrate with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP).

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WCS Consulting's out-of-the-box Partner Solution with Neptune DXP



Having real-time visibility across the supply chain is key to being able to respond to increasing customer demand.

This includes reconciling forecasted demand and actual sales orders, accurate inventory information, and the ability to plan distribution and respond to daily disruptions to changing supply plans and required allocations.



WCS Consulting’s IBP application add-ons enable customers to achieve immediate supply chain execution and integration as a result of the improved ability to manage network balancing, forecast netting, replenishment, and allocations.

Using Neptune Software’s DX Platform, WCS Consulting built the IBP applications add-ons to significantly enhance the SAP IBP solution, enable rapid user adoption and drive value.



Partnering with WCS, supply chains across the globe have realized significant reductions in inventory investments and annual savings while improving customer service levels. WCS Consulting’s best practice transformation approach has released over $500M in inventory to cash for their customers.

With a focus on process improvement and performance management, WCS helps unravel supply chain complexities and improve end-to-end operational visibility. Their inventory optimization experience enables them to lead customers in generating business results faster.

WCS Partner Solution Key Takeaways

  • Founded in 2014 and has enjoyed double-digit revenue growth each year
  • Led by a team of innovators with decades of experience
  • Helped over 50 multi-national customers transform their operations
  • SAP Gold Partner
  • Neptune Software Bronze Partner

Challenge: Up-to-the-minute inventory visibility is key to meeting customer demands

Managing complex supply chains across multiple countries is one of the biggest operational challenges a global organization can face. Having real-time visibility across the supply chain and being able to quickly respond to customer demands is no longer a “nice to have” – integrated business planning is essential to business. Supply chains are more complex than ever as rising market demands and expectations require organizations to address new challenges and complexities.

Inventory investment that meets customer service levels and managing that inventory represent vital financial metrics for supply chain operations.

Solution: Enhanced SAP IBP capabilities to achieve immediate supply chain execution integration

Neptune Software Partner, and SAP Gold Partner, WCS Consulting knows digital supply chain inside and out, with applications designed to significantly enhance the SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution, supply chain execution, integration, and user adoption.

“The applications we developed on the Neptune Software DX Platform enable our customers to enhance the SAP IBP capabilities and achieve immediate supply chain execution integration and results in the areas of network balancing, forecast netting, replenishment, and allocations,” says Ron Blackburn, VP of Sales and Marketing at WCS Consulting. “No other firm has built a portfolio with this functionality directly embedded into SAP’s IBP application platform.”

The Neptune DX Platform (Neptune DXP) is an SAP-centric, low-code, rapid application development platform. The Neptune DXP SAP Edition is not just SAP-certified but also sits on top of a company’s existing ABAP stack – making it the most native app development platform for SAP use cases.

The Neptune Software DX Platform has enabled WCS Consulting to design, build, integrate, deploy and maintain SAP Fiori apps in a fraction of the time it takes with other platforms—accelerating the delivery of its SAP IBP solutions. Additionally, the consistent Fiori UI approach between the add-on applications via Neptune Software and those applications within IBP drastically enhance user adoption and speed to value.

A key concept of these applications is the ability to directly link planning to action. Business requirements can frequently fall in the gray spaces between standard software solutions. These add-on applications sit atop IBP to bridge these gaps and remove crucial process barriers; ultimately creating smooth workflows for users.

In particular, the applications support the following supply chain processes:

  • Network Balancing balances demand and supply and provides visibility using “real-time information and analytics. Doing so can help an enterprise achieve end-to-end integration and drive action with configurable analytics.
  • Forecast Netting allows users to reconcile forecasted demand and actual sales orders in a single, integrated demand using real-time information and analytics. The Forecast Netting app enables customers to control the different sources of visible supply and demand when calculating net requirements.
  • Replenishment/Allocations creates a more efficient way to position inventory and best respond to changes in demand. With an enterprise distribution plan in place, enterprises can better respond to daily disruptions to supply plans, reschedule demand, and allocation needs.

Utilizing these IBP application add-ons in place, enterprises across a range of industries, from aerospace, pharmaceutical and life sciences to energy, can drive greater efficiency in their supply chain. The solution is also designed to be flexible, allowing developers to customize requirements as they emerge.

“Customers are able to prioritize which WCS IBP application add-on apps they use based on their unique needs,” says Ron.

A bio tech company may need to drill down into replenishment and allocations to prioritize the distribution of vaccines, for example. Alternatively, a grocer shipping company may need to adapt its supply chain to allocate certain in-demand cleaning supplies to high-priority customers. And a manufacturing company may need to use inventory planning and supply network optimization solution to synchronize the activities of its plants, plan short and long-term capacity and deploy inventory strategies to achieve excellent service levels and rapid response to changing market demands.

“The IBP interfaces work interchangeably with the tools our customers already use, whether that’s Excel, Web Fiori, or something else, so the user experience and interface is seamlessly integrated, and ties into overall planner agility and responsiveness,” adds Ron. “And since it runs on a web browser on any device, users have the flexibility to work how they like. Plus, we can enable SAP customers embarking on IBP projects to incorporate the applications into their implementation out of the box, ” says Ron. “We recognized and have responded to the significant opportunities via our applications to increase the supply chain execution effectiveness, integrate to additional customer back-end data, and embed our applications into the SAP IBP platform. Combined, this has enabled rapid user adoption and drives value while using SAP IBP.”

Results: Reduced inventory investment, improved customer service & greater responsiveness

WCS Consulting has worked with Fortune 500 organizations across several industries, specifically Life Science, Wholesale Distribution, High Tech, and Consumer Packaged Goods. Our customers include Allergan, Celgene, Pfizer, Cisco, Vivint, Tech Data, HPE, Intel, McCain Foods, and Hasbro.

“Often, our customers realize significant reductions in inventory investment (on average 15%) and annual savings after that,” says Ron. “More generally, our solutions have been shown to contribute to results-driving reduced inventory, improved customer service levels, and greater responsiveness across the business.”

In addition to inventory reductions that translate into millions of dollars in cash, WCS Consulting has enabled process and operational change for their customers as they manage complex global supply chains. Results include:

  • 20-30% faster supply chain planning cycles and responsiveness
  • More consistent planning processes
  • Ability to run “What-If” simulations balancing supply and demand
  • Improvement in on-time deliveries
  • More accurate demand forecasts
  • 1-2% top-line revenue growth

Learn how WCS helped a global pharmaceutical giant sort through their varied supply chain planning processes to create a unified global solution that drove digital and process transformation. Access Allergan’s Case Study here.

“The applications we developed on the Neptune Software DX Platform enable our customers to enhance the SAP IBP capabilities and achieve immediate supply chain execution integration and results in the areas of network balancing, forecast netting, replenishment, and allocations.”
-Ron Blackburn, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, WCS Consulting

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