Fact Sheet — United Utilities builds 60 applications with 2 FTE

United Utilities

United Utilities builds 60 applications with 2 FTE for over 2,000 users

United Utilities needed to bring their plant maintenance and work management processes to the 21st century. They were looking to implement a solution that was simple and easy for operators to use but also flexible with an ability to easily customize. Due to the nature of their environment, the solution needed to have offline capabilities and usable on both desktop and mobile devices. The hope was that the solution they found would streamline their business processes which in turn would increase efficiency.

After vetting vendors, United Utilities decided on Neptune Software and our Neptune DX Platform to create user-friendly, scalable, and customizable applications.

With the power of Neptune Software, United Utilities created 60 applications with 2 FTE. These applications were rolled out to over 2,000 users on web and mobile devices. They created these apps using existing internal developers and utilizing their existing SAP ECC infrastructure, all of which helped them save money. The new apps accomplished the goal of streamlining their business processes which freed up time for users to focus on other projects.

About United Utilities

United UtilitiesUnited Utilities provides water and wastewater services to around seven million people in the North West of England supplying 3 million households and 200,000 business premises. They manage the catchment land around their reservoirs to safeguard the quality of the raw water they collect and store. They then treat and deliver it to their customer’s taps – around 1,500 million liters a day. They also collect wastewater from their customers and surface water from roads and highways and treat it at their wastewater treatment works before returning it back safely to the environment.

Watch their success story and see how they modernized their Mobile Asset Management and got their workforce enablement future-ready.


Key Takeaway:

  • 60 apps built with 2 FTE
  • Utilization of existing infrastructure
  • Easy to adopt and implement

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