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The Config Team's out-of-the-box Partner Solution with Neptune Software



Inefficiencies in the supply chain can bring businesses to a halt throughout the day, especially during the holiday season and other rush periods.

Finding an alternative to ITS Mobile or manual processes.



PreBilt™ digitizes the supply chain to help warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers run smoothly. Using Neptune Software’s DX Platform, PreBilt™ provides, a highly configurable, low-code solution that streamlines end-to-end supply chain operations.



With the suite of mobile applications at their fingertips, enterprises have better visibility of stock throughout the supply chain, improved efficiency, and happy operators. This increases the amount of orders processed which helps customers receive their orders faster.

The Config Team Partner Solution Key Takeaways

  • Over 60 global customers currently using PreBilt™
  • SAP Gold Partner
  • Integrates with any SAP supply chain module including IM. WM, EWM
  • Founded in 1994
  • Neptune Software Strategic OEM Partner

Challenge: Profitability is on the line without inventory visibility and accuracy

The customer is king, and they have many alternatives at their fingertips. This coupled with tight profit margins in the front of mind, warehouses, manufacturing plants and distribution centers feel the pressure to make their supply chain even more visible and accurate than ever. Doing so is never more important when volumes are high, such as during the holidays or when large orders must be processed quickly.

It’s an issue that can’t be tackled efficiently with paper-based manual systems, simple databases, or even complex spreadsheets anymore. It’s time for those processes to be turned into mobile solutions.

“Knowing where physical inventory is at any given moment is key,” says Andrew Moses, managing director and founder of The Config Team. “Especially as traceability rises in importance across industries either by legislation or consumer demand – that need to know where a product came from and where it went is crucial.”

“Airlines, for example, have to know part numbers of each piece of equipment. And food and beverage companies find that knowing the source of the supply is increasingly important to customers who value farm-to-table dining.”

While their unique situations vary, organizations across industries today struggle from an IT and operational standpoint with these challenges. Capturing information digitally is a necessity. Organizations with some level of automation also find their existing SAP IM, WM, or EWM systems can be complex to use and don’t always offer a swift, efficient way to make their supply chain processes mobile.

Simply put, businesses can’t move stock when they don’t know where it is physically and the system doesn’t allow them to trace it electronically. And IT resources are continually stretched thin with each additional third-party tool they need to develop, manage and support.

Solution: A better way to manage the supply chain with highly configurable PreBilt™

The Config Team offers a better way to manage the supply chain with PreBilt™, a suite of mobile applications designed to digitize end to end supply chain processes within warehousing, manufacturing and distribution centers.

PreBilt™ was created for organizations looking for an alternative to ITS Mobile or that want to eliminate manual processes from the supply chain. With it, organizations can capture information electronically with scanners and share data seamlessly to and from their SAP system, making SAP easy to use from an operational standpoint.

“We are giving the operators a simplified view into SAP without the complexities, on a device that looks and feels similar to what they would use in their personal lives,” says Andrew.

It’s available out-of-the-box, it is highly configurable and can be deployed in days. This means you can deliver value to your business fast, and the investment makes a difference almost immediately.

“The way companies run their SAP systems varies widely, and their needs differ based on what products they offer. Many don’t provide mobile options for employees or haven’t yet started their digital transformation journey to help improve accurate data collection and traceability,” says Geoff Gray, product manager at The Config Team. “With PreBilt™, we offer the best practice – tailored for that industry and customer, in very configurable apps to quickly give companies real-time visibility into their supply chain.”

With a highly configurable solution, companies can rapidly evolve their supply chain, turning applications and components on or off with a simple setting, no coding or regression testing needed. Plus it’s flexible, so capabilities can easily be added or removed as needs change.

Partnering with Neptune Software for real-time insights with KPI Dashboard

To provide even greater value, to its customers The Config Team partnered with Neptune Software in December 2019 to initially launch a suite of SAP EWM apps that have since been followed by SAP WM and SAP IM, with more on the roadmap.

In addition to the day-to-day operational apps that PreBilt™ provides, The Config Team have also created a KPI and Analytics application that support both EWM and WM.

“Typically, our customers have information collected in SAP and run reports daily, pulling them into a Business Intelligence tool to monitor performance,” says Geoff. “With Neptune Software, we’re providing a KPI dashboard with tiles of key metrics from that business – so they can monitor where the bottlenecks are and see how operations are performing.”

The dashboard can even be presented on a wallboard in the warehouse for the whole team to see, bringing even greater transparency and visibility to processes and performance.

Adds Andrew, “Organizations often have key performance metrics they need to track, we can also suggest many different KPIs. It’s a blank canvas that can be coded quickly. Managers can look at their operations while having breakfast and don’t need to be anywhere near the corporate terminal.”
“SAP has a wealth of data. With Neptune Software, we can blend in data from other systems as well, which is very powerful.”

Results: Uncovering SAP data brings a fundamental shift in improving operations

With PreBilt™’s streamlined workflow, enterprises experience both improved stock accuracy and increased productivity. Onboarding is also easier because the user experience is so simple creating reduced training time and costs that are much lower.

In particular, one customer reduced new staff training time from four days to two hours after implementing mobile applications from The Config Team.

“The KPI dashboard built on the Neptune Software DX Platform makes it a joy to uncover how customers will use the data they’ve been collecting to their advantage,” added Andrew. “For supply chain operations, it’s a fundamental shift in focus to have that visibility. It’s empowering to be able to compare and fine-tune operations this way.”

With Neptune Software and PreBilt™, IT costs are streamlined as well. Typically, third-party systems can be expensive to maintain, but with our highly configurable systems, companies can strip all of that out.

“With an out-of-the-box and configurable approach, we focus on delivering SAP projects in weeks, not months and we’re proud of what we’ve built with Neptune Software,” says Andrew.

“With an out of the box and configurable approach, we focus on delivering SAP projects in weeks, not months and we’re proud of what we’ve built with Neptune Software”
-Andrew Moses, Managing Director and Founder, The Config Team

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