Success story: Bona implements Field Services CRM app in USA

“Our mobile SAP system provides improved and more efficient customer relationships”

Henric Samuelsson, Project Manager Bona

Bona introduced the Implema Field Sales CRM app in USA January 2015 in the USA. With the new app, Bona’s salespeople finds it much easier to maintain an overview and accuracy of information on the customer relationships, always at their fingertips and when they need it.

Today, a number of Bona’s salespeople in the USA use the Implema Field Sales CRM, an app based on Neptune Software. The experience from the roll-out in the USA is so positive that Bona now wants sales all over Europe to implement the system as well.

It has always been our goal to provide our salespersons with up-to-date and correct information on all customers at all times and when they need it most. With this new app, supplied by Implema and based on software from Neptune Software, our sales personnel have a complete overview of customer relationships. This information could include for example details of the most recent customer agreement, and the needs of an individual customer at any given time,” explains Project Manager Henric Samuelsson of Bona Sweden.
Bona is a family-owned company founded in 1919 and with its main office in Malmø, Sweden, and subsidiaries and distributors in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company supplies products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wooden flooring for the entire life cycle of such products. The company’s primary customer groups are craftsmen, private customers and parquet flooring manufacturers. With more than 50% of total revenues generated in the USA, the American market is the largest and most important market for Bona.


“We are confident that the app has improved customer relationships.


By implementing Implema Field Sales CRM, we have been able to solve two major problems for our sales personnel. The first problem was solved in that our sales personnel can now use their mobile phones to access information on customer relationships and specific information on customers both prior to and during meetings with customers. This information can be accessed quickly and efficiently with their mobile phones. The former system required the use of a laptop, and was time-consuming.








The second solution to the problem was provided by the added functionality of both a camera and GPS, as part of the new app. What’s more, our sales personnel can now enter relevant customer information into the system as soon as possible, allowing for much more accurate and rapid logging of such information.”

Plans to expand implementation to Europe

Given the company’s extensive number of sales personnel in different European countries and the positive experience gained in the USA, Bona is now considering implementation of Implema Field Sales CRM throughout Europe.

“We are now confident that the app has helped improve customer relationships in the USA, and that the system has a major potential to make us even more efficient in Europe. We are constantly seeking methods for improving on efficiency, and the experience we have accumulated with the use of Implema based on Neptune is very positive,” concludes Bona’s Project Manager Henric Samuelsson.


Benefits provided by Implema Field Sales CRM

  • Well-organised and up-to-date customer information
  • Helps simplify the entire sales process
  • Provides improvements to financial control
  • Quick implementation


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