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(DOWNLOAD THE OFFICIAL PDF HERE – ABAP development tool for SAP Mobile Platform)

Most SAP customers intuitively understand the business benefits of enterprise mobile solutions that improve productivity and increase revenue. However, there are some important factors to consider when deploying mobile apps that include security, application and device management and app development skillsets. The SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Mobile Secure offerings ensure a quick and secure way for developers to use their existing skills and even use third party development tools for their application development. With the SAP Certified Neptune Application Designer, SAP’s own ABAP source code can be directly leveraged for applications running on the SAP Mobile Platform – on premise or in the cloud.

Getting started with enterprise mobility is key for increasing employee productivity and improving efficiency and profitability for SAP customers. To do this in a secure and easy way it is vital to use a proven secure and flexible technology platform.

Reuse the development competence of your IT Department and implementation partners by building your apps with an ABAP development tool. This ensures a direct connection from your existing SAP backend processes to mobile applications running on a secure and scalable platform.

A complete solution

Enable mobility in your company in weeks or even days while maintaining the highest security requirements. Deliver SAP processes on mobile devices based on existing ABAP skills. Choose from on-premise or cloud versions of the SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Mobile Secure offerings. 

  • Leverage your existing ABAP skills with Neptune Application Designer
  • Use ABAP to easily mobilize the SAP processes you have already invested in
  • Get enterprise grade security, authentication and management with SAP Mobile Platform and SAP Mobile Secure
  • Take advantage of the Fiori look and feel through the SAP UI5 framework
  • Deploy online or offline applications based on your needs
  • Add out-of-the-box integration with push notifications and onboarding processes
  • Choose from a cloud-based architecture or deploy your solutions on premise  
  • Reduce time-to-market with an easy to use Drag Drop designer and ready-made templates

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