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Sothebys auction

Want to Track Your Priceless Collections? See How Sotheby’s New York Does It.

Watch this short video on how Sotheby’s is Tracking Pricelesss works of art using Neptune Software.


Video | Neptune Software and Bloodmates have Joined Hands in Harmony to Make Donating Blood and Saving Lives a Lot Easier

Neptune Software and Bloodmates have joined hands in harmony to make donating blood and saving lives a lot easier. Made possible through Neptune’s generous App Donation and Bloodmates tireless volunteer mission.


See what our customers say about Neptune Software | Testimonials

Whether they support 10 users or 100,000, our customers say how the Neptune DX Platform helps them

hybrid architecture is the future

Webinar On Demand: Hybrid Architecture is the Future

Application Software Architecture, whether on premise or on cloud, hybrid is the way to go. Watch our webinar to see how you can combine both worlds and drive the innovation in your enterprise further.

omnichannel innovation

WHITEPAPER: A practical guide for CIOs on how to deliver omnichannel innovation successfully today

This paper offers a practical guide on what fundamental pillars are needed to deliver against the Omnichannel challenge. What are the elements, a CIO needs to ensure are in place, in order to be able to deliver products and services which help a retail organization achieve business agility with low code.

Aravinda video

How Johnson & Johnson is Creating a New Digital Supply Chain Transformation Using Neptune DX Platform

How the Neptune Software low-code development platform solves the challenges of an entire digital ecosystem. Watch how Johnson & Johnson is embracing innovation to create complex apps with Neptune Software.

How to Consume Planet 8 APIs All Functions Neptune Software Community

How to Consume APIs – All Functions – exposing your SAP System to external network as API Microservice

Neptune DX Platfom focuses on Restful APIs as the prime mode of Connectivity. REST APIs have CRUD functions to manage the data. And with the introduction of APIs, it is possible to expose the SAP System to external network or platform as API Microservice. This blog explains on how to use different functions (CRUD) of Planet 8 APIs inside Planet 9.

Discovering Machine Learning How a low code platform does the future Neptune Software Community

Discovering Machine Learning – How a low code platform does the future

Recently, we began the journey of including learning algorithms in our DX platform. This series of blogs is meant to, bring some light into all these buzzwords like AI or ML, but above all explain how our low code platform uses machine learning to enable developers even more – thanks to code prediction.

eastman kingsport

Tips on Transforming the Enterprise at Eastman Chemical

How the right low-code platform is overcoming plant maintenance obstacles. Watch how Eastman Chemical is embracing innovation to create complex apps with Neptune Software.

Neptune-Video Promo Graphic_webpromo

The Top 3 Neptune Software FAQs Answered by Martin Beringer, CEO-North America

Choosing the right low-code platform isn’t easy. Watch our CEO of North America, Martin Beringer answers the three (3) main questions we get asked a lot by customers.

Neptune-Facebook-Case Study NSB

Norwegian Railway Services drives more efficient & predictive maintenance operations with a new mobile app strategy

The Norwegian Railway Services explains how they got more accurate reporting, faster response times to close the loop on maintenance, and frees up teams to focus on a competitive future.

Neptune-LinkedIn-Case Study Vattenfall

Renewable energy pioneer Vattenfall gains competitive advantage by streamlining workflows and increased predictable maintenance capabilities

Read how Vattenfall is tackling rapid expansion with a unified mobile interface, improved information flow, and
streamlined and predictive SAP-based projects and maintenance processes


WEBINAR | How to Utilize TestFairy to Conduct Real-Time Testing of Apps Developed with Neptune DX Platform

See for yourself how to conduct real-time testing of apps developed with Neptune DX Platform

SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo – From a great concept to actual Business Innovation

SAP Leonardo is to many still only a concept but what does it really entail? More and more companies turn towards agile platforms running in the cloud & on-premise, fueled by containerized virtualization and being truly open due to an API first strategy.

SAP Digital Transformation

SAP’s Digital Transformation Strategy Is Not On Track

Digital transformation is a lengthy process that takes a lot of time and resources. The path defined by SAP for S/4 is clear, but for many SAP customers it is difficult to follow this path on a small scale (especially for on-premise customers).


Webinar: REST APIs you won’t hate

Hear why more and more developers are using REST API rather than oData for their mobile app development. Watch this short on-demand webinar with our technical team and hear more about REST API and REST API designer.

SAP Mobile Apps

How Interseroh discovered SAP Mobile Apps without moving to S/4HANA

Read how Interseroh’s SAP Competence Center delivers fast, mobile experience to delight customers and employees with SAP Mobile Apps for HCM & Logistics for their ERP / ECC System

Techtarget TechEd Article

3 SAP User Share Development Tools that Save them Time

Jim O’Donnell from TechTarget interviews 3 SAP users and asks what tools they use to help them save time in their SAP development process. Our customers Discovery and Johnson & Johnson weigh in.

Web Dynpro Applications

Replacing Web Dynpro Applications with Fiori Apps – is that possible?

Read why Web Dynpro Applications are far from being true mobile applications, even though they work in a browser and how you can connect data directly from existing ABAP classes and BAPI modules to a Neptune Fiori App – turning your outdated application into a true mobile app.


On-Demand: Optimizing your Retail Operations through Digital & Mobile

We have teamed up with our retail expert partner: retailsolutions UK for this exclusive webinar. Hear why retail companies are choosing a minimal coding app development approach as their key factor to mobile success. From in-store apps like inventory management, Clienteling… Mobility is revolutionizing the Retail sector.

Planet 8 New Features

Webinar: Planet 8 – NEW Features & Functionalities

Watch this webinar, for yet another deep dive session with our technical team, that brings you up to speed on all new features and functionalities for our updated Planet 8 module in Neptune DXP.


Don’t Wait for C/4HANA. Transform your CRM Today

Companies don’t want to overthrow their entire landscape but usually have an urgent and ongoing strategy for Digital Transformation. Christoph Garms shares how to close the innovation gap and how you don’t need to wait for C/4HANA mature

HR digital Transformation

Jumpstart Digital Transformation. Start with Your HR Processes

Explore a proven SAP HRC solution that drives innovation in your HR processes with a Multi-Experience Development Platform for your all enterprise applications and processes.

Neptune Success Video_Colorificio_web promo 2

Colorificio Sammarinese can now perform SAP SD order pricing simulation in offline using their own SAP definition strategy

Watch how Colorificio Sammarinese, an industrial paint company, provided their sales reps with business apps that are multi-platform, easily integrated with SAP, mobile ready and can run offline, and able to handle and synchronize a lot of data offline…including SAP SD order pricing simulations. All with Neptune Software.

HR Mobile Experience

WHITEPAPER: Explore 3 Tips to Reinvent your HR Mobile Experience

When undergoing digital transformation, HR leaders need to create efficient and simplified processes that make the best use of your significant investment in technology. Read about the 3 tips from a Tennis Grand Slam Champion on how to reinvent your HR mobile experience and processes.

EBM Papst SAP CRM Fiori Apps

World’s leading manufacturer of motors and fans gets 360-degree access to customer information before C/4HANA – even offline

EBM Papst Group created a 360º view of their customers to enhance their SAP CRM functions, as well as reuse the existing SAP business logic to tackle the more complex challenge of synchronization, even before C/4HANA.

DSS Dynamic Security Suite

On Demand Webinar: User-Lifecycle-Management modernisieren (in German)

Zusammen mit unserem Partner nexQuent präsentieren wir die Dynamic Security Suite. DSS ist eine SAPUI5 Anwendung, basierend auf der Neptune DX Platform, und ermöglicht Ihnen Ihre zukünftigen SAP Prozesse im User-Lifecycle-Management (ULM) effizient und intuitiv bedienbar zu gestalten.

SAP HR Mobility

Webinar: How University of Nebraska did a complete SAP Portal Replacement in months and won over their 18,000 users

See for yourself how the University of Nebraska is “Embracing the Future of SAP HR Mobility” with a modern mobile launchpad and sleek user experience (UX) powered by Neptune Software and its Digital Experience Platform.

SAP Rapid Mobile Application Development Strategy

Why HR Apps are the Best Place to Start Digital Transformation Efforts

Low-code drag and drop designer and management platforms can simplify your SAP development efforts, giving your developers a sure-fire method to modernize your mission-critical SAP-based HR systems at a fraction of the cost…and effort. Read why you need a Low-Code Development Strategy to get there.

NS_Digitnomica Article 2

Neptune Software pivots from an SAP-centric world to an open apps world with Planet9 and object-oriented REST APIs

Den Howlett from Diginomica gives his take on the latest Neptune Software product announcement and his take on why some of the largest B2B and B2C brands in the world turn up to an event in Oslo


Video auf Deutsch: Warum FIORI UX für SAP on-premise/ECC wichtig ist

Sie sind ein SAP ECC Kunde, der sich noch unsicher ist mit Fiori UX? Dann sehen Sie sich unser 20-minütiges Video an, und erfahren Sie wie Sie auch jetzt schon Fiori Apps erfolgreich entwickeln und implementieren können. Wir zeigen Ihnen eine Alternative zum SAP Standard.Ohne S/4HANA oder SCP Zwang.

Jollyroom Neptune Software SAP Warehouse Management

Jollyroom increases Inbound Efficiency by 195% and makes SAP Warehouse Management look easy

Watch how Jollyroom doubled their inbound handling while increasing the overall quality, improving and expediting the handling of returns, and most importantly, how they now deliver customer orders faster and in a more automated way–simplifying the way they work

Neptune Software united utilities promo

United Utilities finds a new and better way of supporting SAP Mobile Asset Management & Workforce Enablement into the future

Watch how United Utilities established Neptune Software as the go-to solution used across 2,000 field-based engineering staff, alongside SAP and Click Scheduling software systems, and also won the SAP Quality Award for Innovation in 2017.

Man work on smart phone display. Isolated smart phone for mockup in hand. Blank screen of mobile device for app presentation.

Webinar auf Deutsch: SAP Prozesse auf dem iPhone dank Fiori

Sehen Sie unser 25-minütiges Webinar und erfahren Sie, welche Möglichkeiten Sie haben, Ihre SAP Prozesse dank intuitiver und leicht zu entwickelnder Fiori Apps für jedes Endgerät (iOS, Android, Windows 10) bereitzustellen, online oder offline.

Fiori Apps with ABAP

Watch how to develop Fiori Applications using ABAP & SAP Workbench

Join us for a 15 Minute SAP Fiori webinar – a deep dive on Fiori that introduces you to Fiori development based on ABAP and the SAP Workbench. See how your SAP Fiori project can be built on an ABAP-based low-code, drag-and-drop development platform which making use of all your existing development expertise and SAP infrastructure.

Neptune Facebook-Webinar-Technical

Tech Session: Neptune UXP – A step forward with CDS Views, OData & SCP

Watch our Webinar and see Neptune Fiori Development in SCP with our Neptune UXP App Designer. The focus this time is on OData Annotations and CDS views.

scale app development with 6 steps

Stop your IT struggles. 6 key concepts to scale App development

Without the ability to continuously enhance, adapt, and optimize applications, your digital core will not be able to unleash its full potential and enable customers and employees alike to work in this digital-heavy world. The secret is that you want a flexible development approach

fiori ux

Enterprise Mobility Deep Dive – Implementing Fiori Apps in Days

Watch this video and see our mobility experts show you the key steps to overcoming the challenges of modernizing your SAP systems and processes by using your existing SAP set up and implementing SAP mobility successfully…in only a matter of days.

SAP Replenishment at Elkjop

Nordic Retailer: 20% Increase in Availability Through Automated Product Replenishment

Nordic Retailer Elkjøp used SAP Forecasting and Replenishment along with the Neptune Software Launchpad to tackle a better way for their product replenishment, along with making the first steps towards digitization.

Support Package 04

Tech Session: The Latest Features of Support Package 04

Watch this deep dive Webinar into all the new features and functionalities from the Support Package 04 release and how it helps your Fiori app development. Get to know about the 80+ improvements and bug fixes in the whole platform.

SAP Fiori UX Desktop Solution

WEBINAR auf Deutsch: Fiori Projekte mit ABAP & der SAP Workbench

Sehen Sie wie Ihre SAP Fiori Projekte auf Basis unserer ABAP-basierten UX Plattform umgesetzt werden und Ihre Firmen-Applikationen dank ABAP zum Erfolg werden. Sehen Sie die 20 Minuten Aufzeichnung.

SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance

On-Demand Webinar: SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance made easy. See how a customer did it!

Watch this exclusive webinar session and learn about an easy to use, comprehensive and affordable PM solution for mobilising your SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance, developed inside SAP using the Neptune Software platform. Listen to the Department of Conservation and how they now work remotely and successfully.

SAP Fiori UX Webinar

On-Demand webinar: How to prioritize good UX and drive innovation & savings in your enterprise

Watch this webinar presented by a seasoned SAP Solution Architect and his experience delivering long-term technical solutions using proven UX strategies for his companies and the challenges they face (and overcome). SAPUI5 and Fiori is the strategy to move forward with. Hear why!

Generic Webinar feature promo 2

On-Demand Demo: Leverage your current SAP investment for enterprise mobile Fiori Apps

Watch this on-demand demo and learn how Neptune UX Platform leverages your current SAP systems and technology, roles & authorizations, and development skills to deliver the most cost-efficient, fast and secure way to design, build, manage and run your Fiori® apps across devices, desktop and operating system.

NS_Blog-Graphics_Website_DXP Thoughts nt v1

Why you should replace your SAP Portal with Fiori

As a result, using the Fiori UX Launchpad approach to replace the legacy SAP portal has led to tremendous results in terms of usability and efficiency for employee self-services (ESS) at this customer reference.

SAP enterprise app

WHITEPAPER: 3 Steps to Delivering Innovation and Value in a Complex Enterprise App World

Leading enterprise app development platforms aren’t just for simple lunchroom or parking apps anymore. The platforms have evolved to establish a clear framework for app creation so users are free to create powerful solutions that handle important company information and their processes. Here are 3 steps to help you make the most of these platforms and deliver immediate innovation and value to your enterprise.

Neptune Fiori UX SAP S/4HANA

Why SAP Fiori UX and Neptune get you ready for SAP S/4HANA

Why are decision makers not crazy about the opportunities that arise by digitally transforming their company? The answer is, business and end users are not screaming for performance or digital because they are used to – and have almost just accepted – slow and bulky SAP systems. Read the three (3) key reasons why you should start transforming your SAP UI today to get your enterprise ready for SAP S/4HANA & SAP’s vision of simplicity, mobility, IoT, and consequently, AI down the road.

SAP app development platform

WHITEPAPER: The Impact of Transformative Enterprise Apps – A Guide to Choosing the Right SAP App Development Platform Tools

Download your free Whitepaper copy today and read about how innovation and digitalization will affect industries like the Insurance Agency and Manufacturing in the future. See how companies can keep up with technology and what platforms are required to enable SAP users with a rapid SAP app development and increase overall productivity.

Ballance supply chain promo 2 new

Ballance Agri-Nutrients automates their supply chain processes across all service centres

Our partner Soltius partnered with Ballance Agri-Nutrients to automate their supply chain processes and build a Loader Driver app for use at Ballance’s service centres

NZDF case feature promo

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) mobilise their inventory process using Neptune Software

Neptune Software helps New Zealand Defence Force mobilise their inventory process which results in massive time and resource savings with an almost instant return on investment

Low code paper feature promo

FREE WHITEPAPER: Reduce the Pains of Mobility. Think Low Code.

Download now our brand new Whitepaper on Low Code, including 4 low code best practices for a modern SAP User Experience and low-cost development. See how a low code approach can make the difference between app development projects that succeed and businesses that fail.

mobile PM solution

Why the Department of Conservation chose a mobile PM solution, and the impact it had on their SAP processes, the organisation and their people.

Watch how this mobile PM solution by our Partner Soltius, built using the Neptune Software UX Platform, has transformed Mobile Asset Management at the Department of Conservation (DOC) within their 8.7 million hectares of conservation estate.

sap sd offline capabilities

Biotest doubles orders for promotional materials using Neptune Software

Biotest was looking for a mobile sales app that would help medical sales reps with on-the-go resource solutions in SAP. They talk about the experience when implementing this new mobile solution and the path leading up to the implementation, along with new SAP SD offline capabilities.

webinar promo overcome pains

On-Demand Webinar: Overcoming the pains of SAP mobility

Listen to our SAP Experts about the key steps they follow when helping Global Consumer Goods Clients and other companies with their mobile app development and processes improvements and implementing SAP Mobility with Fiori UX.

warehoues generic feature promo

Global Wholesaler plots the easy path to SAP mobile Apps with Neptune Software

Global Wholesaler plots easy path to Retail SAP mobile apps with Neptune Software & innovative mobile SAP app capabilities helping distributors quit paper

Open Grid feature promo

Open Grid Europe channels enterprise SAP portal into the future

Read how one of the biggest natural gas transmission system operators in Europe developed over 200 apps in less than 5 months, and created efficient, secure, and modern ways to take advantage of future-oriented UI in the process

Success Video_Hitachi_Neptune Software

Hitachi Rail Europe transforms IT & Supply Chain with new business critical apps

Hear how Hitachi Rail Europe is transforming its IT and Supply Chain processes with a new SAP application development and management platform from Neptune Software

Fynes Consulting Neptune Software Partner

Why choose Neptune Software as a mobility solution? | Fynes Consulting

A good mobility solution is key for the future of many enterprises success. Watch why Fynes Consulting chooses Neptune Software for his customers business–all from reasonable TCO, easy implementation, and a slew of ABAP developer advantages

mobile SAP capabilities with Neptune Software

How Global Nutrition Company Glanbia succeeds in enterprise mobility with Neptune Software

Glanbia talks about their mobile app development efforts and how Neptune Software helped them with their Fiori, UX and enterprise mobility needs, as well as assisting their IT department in becoming a go-to team.

ux strategy projects

Are you putting off your UX strategy? Please don’t.

Stellan Flinkfeldt shares his insights as a veteran SAP consultant on why you should bring modern UX tools and design thinking to the table when starting your ERP and UX strategy projects.

S5 IoT Neptune Software Partner Video

Partner Interview with S5 Consulting – Fiori Apps IoT / Offline Printing / POS

Nicolay Wildhagen and our Silver Partners S5 Consulting share the vast possibilities available to you with your enterprise devices, implementing SAP offline Fiori apps with Neptune Software.

Partner video Zebra Summit

Partner Success: Zebra – the Workforce Mobility Revolution

James Morley Smith, EMEA CTO at Zebra talks about the new revolution in customer mobility and the workforce revolution that is happening because of it.

French Policy Video Feature

Customer Success: Gendarmerie Nationale – simplifying HR for over 100,000 users

French Army showcases how they simplified their SAP HR strategy and replaced their SAP portal. Most noteworthy for their SAP portal replacement, they simplified their HR for the armed forces and its 100,000 users.

Summit S5 promo resource

Partner Success: S5 Consulting – Leveraging IoT and Fiori to Supercharge SAP

A lot of enterprises are still struggling with developing meaningful mobile and web apps, but our partners aren’t one of them. Since partnering with Neptune Software, S5 Consulting is able to show the full benefits of a mobile app strategy.

Mobile Sales App for SAP

Customer Success: Biotest – Empowering Medical Sales Reps with On-the-Go Solutions

Biotest is a specialist in innovative haematology, clinical immunology, and intensive care medicine, they were looking for a mobile sales app that would help medical sales reps with on-the-go resource solutions in SAP. Watch how fast they can develop a mobile sales app that empowered their end user on the go.

mobile ERP System

Customer Success: Statkraft – A Mini ERP System in Your Pocket

Statkraft shows what a mini mobile ERP system in your pocket looks like. Ronny Olaisen talks about how Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy supports an advanced level of SAP functionality with a goal was to provide intuitive, easy-to-develop apps for any device.

On Demand Webinar Neptune Software

Interview with Neptune Services Austria – RFID, Industry 4.0, Intralogistics

Maximilian Schaufler from the Neptune Software Services department in Austria showcases a special app solution and gives you insights into the business case behind it and the industry 4.0. See how this app provides a track progress throughout all of the production progress, including materials and tagging pallets through RFID tags.

SAPUI5 Roadmap feature promo

Straight from the SAP Lab: SAPUI5 News & Roadmap

Andreas Kunz from SAP presents the latest SAP news on SAPUI5, the future of developers and a general roadmap of the future of SAP and their user experience. 

Hauni UX Summit fewture promo

Customer Success: PM Mobile Inspection at Hauni Kober Solutions

Finding the right mobile SAP PM solution for your company can be challenging. Siegurd Hilker presents the experience by Hauni when facing a PM mobile inspection in SAP, then Hauni took on the SAP Fiori PM Mobile Inspection task with the help of our german partner SD&C.

the Sting UX summit 2017 promo resource

Customer Success: The Sting – Delighting Employees with Mobile Apps

The Sting shares insights on how they were able to offer a complete package of mobile retail apps on any devices in real-time. They not only improved management insight but also increased their turnover by more than 10%.

UX Summit 2017 feature promo

What is coming from Neptune Software – June 2017

Neptune’s CEO Andreas G. Sulejewski gives insights on Neptune Software’s current journey and successes. With the release of the latest Support Package 3, we introduced many exciting new features and functionalities for mobile app development.

glanbia case study feature promo

Nutrition leader Glanbia creates a lean, mean, application machine in weeks

Global nutrition leader Glanbia transforms their Desktop & Mobile SAP capabilities in eight weeks to deliver a range of apps across HR, CRM, MM, SD, and FI. Read the details of the success here.

any backend las vegas teched

A Brighter Future – One-Stop-Shop for Any Backend & Any Cloud

Martin Beringer shares his thoughts on TechEd Las Vegas 2018 and why he thinks it promises to be a powerful meeting of the minds for developers, technologists and other attendees.

5 min video promo feature

Build an Offline SAP Fiori App in 5 Minutes

At Neptune Software we give you mobile SAP Fiori apps in days, not months. Let us show you how easy it is to build an offline SAP Fiori app in just 5 minutes while also enabling auto updates in just days. Manage and run your apps across any devices, desktop, and operating systems.

French Police feature neptune

French Army moves SAP Human Resources into the mobile future

French Gendarmerie moves SAP human resources into the mobile future by improving UX and easing development to 100,000 mobile users with Neptune Software

developing SAPUI5 apps

On-Demand Webinar: Developing SAPUI5 apps from your favorite browser

Neptune App Designer is the new way of developing SAP UI5 apps directly from your favorite browser. All the existing ease of use plus exciting new features to make development even faster. This is from developers, for developers!

SAP Enterprise UX

Neptune Survey: The Importance of Enterprise UX

SAP industry survey and its results show that the importance of Enterprise UX is critical to all business units. Read the survey details from your peers in our latest whitepaper.

Neptune Basis Webinar feature promo

Technical On-Demand Webinar: Enabling Basis Monitoring Efficiencies for Free

Companies and their employees are constantly being asked to do more with less. However, system complexities don’t make this transition easy and your Basis efforts aren’t any exception. This webinar recording outlines our approach to delivering a free Fiori UX Neptune Basis app that simplifies Basis operations across the SAP landscape and runs on mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows ) and desktop browsers.

Mobile SAP Expense Report Solution

Zalaris: Mobile SAP Expense Report Solution

Zalaris’ travel and expense service is a simple and convenient solution that provides great visibility of costs in your organization. It is adapted to local languages and regulations in each country and handles taxes and refunds automatically.

PM and EAM feature promo

Extend the Benefits of Fiori and Mobility to your PM & EAM Processes

Discover more about SAP Fiori Apps for plant maintenance (PM) and EAM processes.

JnJ case study feature promo

International Consumer Goods Company Gets Back to Basic and Streamlines Their Supply Chain

Read how a global supply chain company gets back to basics and streamlines their entire supply chain to create a mobile SAP user experience while streamlining costs to save over $1.4MM YoY

The Sting Case Feature promo

Fashion Retailer The Sting Delights End Users with On-Trend Mobile Apps

Read how International Retailer delights end users with SAP Fiori mobile apps that they love, while increasing turnover by more than 10 percent and improving customer service

Statkraft case feature promo

Renewable energy provider Statkraft creates “A Mini ERP system in Your Pocket”

In this case study we share how the international renewable energy provider creates “a mini ERP system for your pocket”, simplifying SAP user experience & delivering mobile capabilities to over 600 employees–across devices and operating systems

webinar promo overcome pains

Government Agency Put User-Centered Design to the Test with Neptune Software

Explore how Govermeny agency uses Neptune Software mobile app development platform to improve SAP HR usability of highly customized SAP system to provide user-friendly SAP HR apps to over 80,000 users.

Neptune Email Header-Webinar-Partner Webinar

Partner Webinar: 2018 Kick-off – exclusive webinar with CEO Andreas Sulejewski

We want to give all our partners a chance to hear about our news and provide a final summary of 2017, along with the changes that are coming for 2018. Watch this exclusive partner session, to hear about the new price list and what the recent MoU with SAP means for you and our partnership.

generic desk worker mobile feature promo

Moving Beyond Mobile: Embracing Design That Puts Users First

Read this article and understand what Digital Transformation means for your SAP business. Moving beyond mobility means making the most of your SAP investment and still keeping your infrastructure investment intact. Read how in this article

BSN Customer Summit 2016

Overcoming usability challenges & creating mobile sales apps | Customer: BSN Medical

Knud von Breunig, Manager Omni-commerce and Mobile Solutions, outlines how Neptune Software enabled BSN medical to overcome a lack of usability of existing solutions in a very short time period which had been caused by strategic changes in the application and infrastructure environment.

SAP Fiori UX Desktop Solution

Customer Success: Retail with a complete SAP Fiori UX Desktop solution

Sebastian Andersson form Elkjøp Nordic, one of the biggest electronics retail stores in Scandinavia, describes their experience with Neptune Launchpad that enabled them to go live with a complete SAP Fiori UX Desktop Solution.

Zebra Partner UX Summit 2016

Mobility DNA and the use cases built on Neptune Software | Zebra Technologies

Kjell Lloyd, Senior Technical Sales Architect from Zebra Technologies talks about their Mobility DNA and the use cases built on Neptune Software.

S4HANA UX Summit 2016

SAP Insights: SAP solution architect discusses S/4HANA and future roadmap

Trond Røvang is an SAP solution advisor/solution architect, during the session he gives a general overview, status and roadmap of SAP insights on S/4HANA, along with practical examples of existing and future solution scenarios underlining the importance of Fiori and UX.

BHDT Customer UX Summit 2016

Customer Success: ERP strategy at BHDT with RFID/Logistics/Industry 4.0

“I really do love Neptune Application Designer, it’s just amazing stuff!” said Christoph Krenker, Head of IT at BHDT, when talking about how BHDT are succeeding with Neptune. BHDT is making Neptune a central part of their mobile ERP strategy and recently launched a whole RFID, Logistics, Industry 4.0 project that incorporates Neptune applications.

Vodafone Customer UX Summit 2016

Customer Success: The future of enterprise mobile applications at Vodafone

Giacomo Morittu CoE Mobility and Usability Manager at Vodafone Group shares the choice of Neptune Software as their UX development platform for desktop and mobility worldwide. He takes you through his experience with the enterprise mobile applications they have rolled out.

Techedge Partner UX Summit 2016 feature promo

Partner Success: Techedge building cutting edge mobile apps with Neptune Software

Techedge has over the past two years worked strategically with several global clients using the Neptune UX Platform to deliver cutting edge mobile apps and solutions. This live presentation highlights their experience using Neptune Software for mobile apps and demos a few of the unique Techedge mobile apps they have built for their clients such as Luxottica.

DFO Customer UX Summit 2016 feature promo

Customer Success: Norwegian Agency for Financial Management (DFØ) customized HR apps

Ingvild Nygaard, Project Manager from DFØ, shares their experience developing an HR app that puts the user before the system. During the session, she highlights how complex end-user scenarios were simplified, covering the planning, development and implementation steps taken to create apps for logging time, travel and absence.

Neptune UXP feature promo

New technical functionality and development with Neptune UX Platform 4.0

Here you have a recording of the “New technical functionality and development with Neptune UX Platform 4.0” webinar held on February 24th, 2016. You can also read the Q&A’s from this session.

Johnson and Johnson Summit video feature promo

Customer Success: Johnson & Johnson – Better UX while Streamlining their SAP Supply Chain 

Directly from the USA and Switzerland, Aravinda Boyapati and Josef Burgmaier share the experience of creating a better, more mobile SAP user experience within their company. Watch how our customer, Johnson & Johnson, streamlined their operations into a single viewport across the entire SAP landscape with Neptune Software and SAP Fiori.

Neptune Announcement Image

Neptune Application Store released – Blog by Njål Stabell

This is the new distribution channel for free Neptune applications and code snippets provided by our team. While we provided apps as transports before, this new cloud based solution, will enable you to test, give feedback, check for updates and install the apps with a few clicks.

Field sales feature promo gerneric

Success story: Bona implements Field Services SAP CRM App

A number of Bona’s salespeople in the USA use the Implema Field Sales CRM, an app based on Neptune Software. The experience from the roll-out in the USA is so positive that Bona now wants sales all over Europe to implement the system as well.

Logistics generic feature promo

Business Improvements to SAP ERP Retail Logistics Processes

Our partner Zag Limited was engaged by one of New Zealand’s leading retailers to work with them to deliver business improvements to their SAP Retail logistics processes (ERP). These improvements included the delivery of a mobility solution.

desk workers neptune software feature promo

Three major misconceptions of SAP Enterprise Mobility

Working as the CTO of Neptune Software for the last three and a half years, Njål Stabell has spent most of his time working on SAP Enterprise Mobility and User Experience projects, meeting and discussing with customers, and helping companies all over the world in their mobile SAP implementations.

Three major misconceptions of SAP Enterprise Mobility

Our very own SAP Mentor and founder shares the 3 misconceptions that customers experience in their mobile SAP implementations

On Demand Webinar Neptune Software

The Neptune Application Designer 3.0

In the three years our company Neptune Software has existed a lot has happened in the world of HTML5.

Soltius SAP Notifications Demo Application

Demo mobile application developed by Soltius NZ Ltd. using SAP ERP and Neptune Software. Uses device photos and GoogleMap functionality.


Interview in SAPInsider

Create Easy-to-Use Mobile Apps. Integrate Existing SAP Data and Processes with an ABAP Development Toolkit

5 min video promo feature

Article: Why should I invest in Neptune when Fiori is “Freeori”?

After the announcement that Fiori is now included with the SAP Software at Sapphire 2014 in Orlando, we have had several questions about why customers should invest in the Neptune Application Designer.

Interview with our Founders Ole Andre Haugen and Njål Stabell

Interview with Ole Andre Haugen and Njål Stabell in Pedro Lima’s blog APOLEMIA.

Neptune App from partner ToInovate “Buy-it” / Purchase Order App

Discover Tolnovate’s new Fiori Purchase Order App.

Mobile Campus – SAP PM App from ToInovate

SAP Plant Maintenance app from our partner ToInovate. See this recorded video of the “Mobile Campus”.

Getting started with Neptune and SAPUI5 Mobile

Getting started with Neptune and SAPUI5 Mobile This guide will teach you how to create mobile apps with Neptune and the new SAPUI5 support that is being introduced in the 2.1 version of the Neptune Application Designer. Read more in this blog on SAP Community Network (SCN). <<This is an old post for previous versions [...]
Healthcare Neptune Software

A Mobile Solution for Healthcare

See COMMON MS mobility offering for Healthcare.

Bilot’s SAP mobility solution portfolio expands with new solution

Bilot signed a software reseller agreement with Norwegian Neptune Software for exclusive sales rights in Finland, the Baltics and Poland of Neptune Software’s SAP HTML5 Designer.

Articles about Neptune Software in digi.no (Norwegian)

A Norwegian news site publishing information and updates within finance, telecommunication and data for businesses and public sector.

Neptune Software interviewed by Computerworld

Neptune Software interviewed by Computerworld Norway

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