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Point of Sale: Innovation Asset or Liability? | Whitepaper

Read our paper and discover why creating “thin” Point of Sale in the cloud has become essential for Retail. Integrate with existing PoS systems for a master view of your data and improve customer experience, drive innovation and reduce costs with Neptune Software solutions.

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What can the Military learn from Ikea: A digital logistics story

Logistics is at the heart of a country’s defense. They need to ensure that everyone has the equipment needed so that soldiers can respond at short notice. Krister Marstein, Head of Division of the Norwegian Defense Logistics talks about how the Norwegian Defense, inspired by Ikea’s model, has digitized its logistics and built the perfect self-service solution.

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Two strategies for a modern digital government | WHITEPAPER

A practical guide for IT leaders to address digitization challenges and create a modern, digital government. This guide outlines two strategies that combined can help unify processes, streamline IT projects and drive the kind of efficiencies that deliver real business impact.

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