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Why Low Code and Pro Code are not mutually exclusive

Digital transformation and agile organizations are todays CEO’s number one concern, and the ‘low code ‘buzz word is stirring up the business world. But the real value lies in bridging low code and pro code the right way and deliver on the complex needs of the enterprise

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Addressing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 | Neptune blog

The latest accessibility measures can be a daunting task given the many different disabilities and challenges one must take into account, but there are tools that can give you a 360-degree overview of all of your applications and track the overall conformance level with the help of automated tooling and the centralized nature of having all applications under one roof.

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The True Business Value of User Experience

What is the true business value behind user experience improvements? For benchmarking purposes, we are looking at the results our customers have seen, what is the cost of low-code development as compared to manual coding, and above all – what is the cost of ownership for Neptune DX Platform, and how quickly are our customers able to show true ROI.

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