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The 4 low-code best practices for moving forward with a modern user experience and low-cost development.

Industries are being disrupted left and right, and digital transformation is rapidly accelerating to the point where many businesses struggle to keep pace. At the same time, SAP users are demanding new mobile and offline capabilities that work with existing in-demand and already known desktop solutions. That is where low code come is. 

With SAP UI5 and Fiori as a new SAP standard, low code platforms are on the rise and helping companies succeed with powerful new user-and-developer experiences.

Download now our brand new Whitepaper, which covers 4 best practices for moving forward with a low-code development strategy. See how this approach can make the difference between app development projects that succeed … and businesses that fail.

Whitepaper Key points include:

  • Difference: high code, no code, low code
  • Benefits of adopting low code approach
  • Best practice guidelines for moving to a low code development strategy 
  • Advantages for ABAP development
  • foundation for Digital Transformation
  • “Design Thinking” Approach
  • The cost of bad UX
  • Companies that successfully mobilized

Disruption is real and businesses today need to be agile and constantly innovate to stay relevant. Above all, even your seasoned ABAP developers need to navigate this new shift and fast. This means to dive deeper and consider low code when thinking about SAP mobility. New SAP strategies and capabilities beyond the traditional ABAP development skillset are much needed. Recent reports even suggest that the cost of poor UX will top an alarming $1.4 trillion in lost sales.

Simply request to download your Whitepaper copy right now and learn all the important insights on why implementing a low code approach can give your hardworking SAP solutions new life.  Start easily creating new desktop and mobile apps, along with making your user experience a true daily joy.

This paper is written in collaboration with Nick Pennington, SAP Solution Architect & UX wizard, and Neptune Software.

Feel free to explore our videos on how the Neptune UX Platform incorporates best practices for customers that succeeded with SAP Fiori apps.

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